Sparrow TV series fifty-first, episode introduction to the the complete episode of the story

The TV series fifty-first, 52 set introduced   complete 60 this episode – Anhui Channel – sparrow fifty-second set is introduced Bi Zhongliang Chen Shen Tang Shanhai together again rescued success at the Bi Zhongliang Mrs. Liu Lanzhi learned from the male Tang Shanhai and Xu Bicheng. She came to Bi Zhongliang asked about the situation, but also hope to Bi Zhongliang Tangshan sea of mercy, not too hard. Chen Shenlai to the hospital to see small male, he hoped the boy to leave Shanghai to go to a safe place, Bi Zhongliang found work is a must not let her help themselves, but the boy said he did not want to leave Shanghai, Chen Shenna she had no way, had to obey her meaning. According to Chen Tangshan sea deep plan, he talks with Bi Zhongliang, he decided to pretend to work with Bi Zhongliang in exchange for their own safety. Bi Zhongliang and Chen talked to Li Moqun Tang Shanhai’s instigation deep things, Chen deep in the side of Bi Zhongliang and fan the flames, he finally agreed to Li Moqun echoed each other, their ideas. All in accordance with Chen deep plan, he came to see Xu Bicheng, will now tell her, and he will be his secret to Xu Bicheng, the Prime Minister Chen deep will is his sister-in-law and Pippi is his nephew told Xu Bicheng, now Chen has no any depth on Xu Bicheng the secret is not any hide. Xu Bicheng originally thought that Chen is a sparrow, but did not think he is not, and he did not know who the sparrow is. Chen deep pick Li Xiaonan back home, but found sneaking Tao Dachun, while small men mistakenly thought that is Su three, sent to stare at their own people. After Chen deep left Li Xiaonan’s house has been secretly tracking Chen Chen deep deep, actually already aware of, two people fighting broke out in a small alley inside, the whereabouts of Tao Dachun Tang Shanhai and Xu Bicheng asked Chen Shen, Chen deep truthfully told, and warned Tao Dachun not to rescue Tang Shanhai in the process of their own do not have no reason to act rashly behavior. Although Tao Dachun does not believe Chen deep, but on the current situation in addition to Chen and deep cooperation no other way. Bi Zhongliang let the sea of Tangshan to Dai Li wrote a letter to Bi Zhongliang means a partnership with juntong, was the echo of Dai rujierzhi, he told Bi Zhongliang that he will have an important information sent to the Tangshan sea, the contents inside enough to make Tangshan sea off the crime of the news that Bi Zhongliang immediately sent him tread on air. Chen deep to fetch data. Chen Shen will rescue the sea of things to tell Xu Bicheng, after the news that Tangshan was very happy, but also help the landlord wife washed hair. The landlady’s son came, he thought Xu Bicheng looked at the skin, so she went to the room for leather clothes, suddenly the needle cut her hand, Xu Bicheng felt a little flustered, so she went outside a disguise. (Liu Ying, Zhang Lei Sparrow: commissioning editor) forty-second set introduced Chen deep become suspect Bi Zhongliang Chen Shenchen suddenly gone deep in the city looking for let Bi Zhongliang began to suspect him, he truthfully to the shadow with a general report on the situation, the relationship between Bi Zhongliang and Chen Shen is very good, he did not want to return to zero and Chen deep plan what relationship, but now the situation on)相关的主题文章: