Six ring home housing inventory of 82 in the average price of 65000 Yuan Ping Ping 2 sexinse

Six ring home housing inventory of 82 in the average price of 65000 Yuan Ping Ping 2 [Abstract] the six ring within the housing gradually reduced, increasing demand spillover, Beijing became a big crowd just need to first home, the six ring and those houses, let’s check. Jiangnan mansion (real estate information) Chaoyang Tencent real estate news project is located in Chaoyang Chaoyang District redtown River South Road No. 6. Jiangnan house is expected to push 50 sets of listings in October 2016. At present the sale of about 20 sets of listings, listings distribution in building 3, apartment layout area of 82 square metres of Sanju Liangju -109. 82, 84 square Liangju housing fold 65000 yuan, 109 more than the top of a set of listings Sanju only price 67000 yuan. Jiangnan palace building 3, a total of 27, 2 units, 2 staircase 4 households, the project for 70 years of property rights, property costs 3.99 yuan square meters * month, all the houses are expected in December 31, 2018 before the launch. Buyers can enjoy a loan of 1% off, the whole of 2% off. Beijing Tencent "Chaoyang" group purchase, real-time discussion purchase hot topic 154721017 Jiangnan Fu Yuan square meters of real estate price view details of the latest 400-819-1111 610192 | Gallery "" "" "click to view the comments of Jiangnan mansion above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] in the six ring of houses gradually reduced, more and more demand spillover, large Beijing has become the first choice for people who want to buy a home, there are those within the six ring houses, let us take a look at the inventory. Five and Vanke Changyang world (real estate information) Fangshan Tencent real estate news five and Vanke Changyang Tiandi project adjacent to metro station Fangshan line fence room, on the north side of the outlet. Five and Vanke Changyang Tiandi project 95 flat apartment layout is Sanju row card, is expected in mid October 2016 opening. 95 flat at 5, 6, Sanju 9 building, three buildings are 11 layers, 2 units, 1 ladder 2 meters; is expected to price 42000-45000 yuan, the total price of 3 million 990 thousand sets, down 1 million 200 thousand since July 30, 2017, occupancy, fine decoration, hardcover standard reference model. > > > adding "Beijing Tencent Fangshan buyers group", the real-time discussion purchase hot topics: 312318672 and five Vanke Changyang world to see the details of the lowest price of 42000 yuan square meters of large-sized apartment real estate developers of the latest brand Gallery | 400-819-1111 to 610478 and five days of Changyang Vanke located in Fangshan CSD core, close to the subway Fangshan line fence room station on the north side, seamless access to Metro Line 9, effective series CSD, headquarters base, Zhongguancun city core area, lai. The project will choke Beijing, the Beijing Shijiazhuang expressway, Beijing Liang Road, Changyang street, city road, adjacent to the downtown embraces 170 thousand square meters; the first outlet will be the convergence of international fashion, the interpretation of international urban life model; near mu riverside Forest Park, Changyang Sports Park, pleasant to enjoy the beauty of nature. Classic 40-60 square meters of variable space, 4.2 meters high, to meet the multiple needs of your home in Fangshan. "" "" "".相关的主题文章: