Shenyang Jixiang Garden District 9 cars suffered a car cut off the rearview mirror door zznba

Shenyang auspicious Garden District 9 car hit the designated car rearview mirror breaking kick the door at midnight on November 13th just after the Shenyang big east Northeast Road No. 98, auspicious Garden District, there have been 9 private cars were designated car, breaking the rearview mirror, kick the door. Above the scene of the scene, the district was a commercial network surveillance camera photographed down. The picture shows that the perpetrator is a young man of twenty years old, the cause is unknown. Yesterday morning, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporters rushed to the site, the auspicious Garden District saw a total of 9 vehicles to be designated car, some body has been designated a circle, some machine cover is drawn out of order, and the rearview mirror is breaking out, the wiper is breaking bad, car door kick to sag…… An owner surnamed Li pointed to a red NISSAN SUV car told reporters that this car is his wife. Half a month ago, his car is parked in the area was zoned, only repairs spent more than 3000 yuan. Reporters learned that the district no property management, private cars Luantingluanfang phenomenon is serious. At the time of the incident, a commercial network surveillance camera shot a video. The picture shows the time for just over 13 days of zero hour, a twenty year old man holding a key class of things, to a car parked the car off…… Subsequently, he also kick the car, smashed cars. Soon he disappeared into the darkness. Owners have dialed 110, the police are further investigation. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network director reporter   Tang Kuiyang   photojournalist   Shen    相关的主题文章: