Shandong area national examination candidates over 95 thousand people accounted for 8.42% of the tot k-boxing

Shandong area national examination candidates over 95 thousand people accounted for 8.42% of the total number of national candidates Dazhong comprehensive national exam will be on Sunday (November 27th) test. The latest statistics, this year in Shandong will choose to take the exam candidates a total of 95751 people, accounting for 8.42% of the total number of candidates, the national examination Zhaolu, the province has set up a test area in Ji’nan, Qingdao, Zibo, Yantai, Jining, Tai’an city six, a total of 144 test sites, 3200 room. The number of involved position in Shandong is 855, plan Zhaolu 1307 people. Involved in Shandong positions, the largest number of candidates is Ningyang County Bureau of post, to recruit 2 people, 1413 people through the audit. The most competitive positions in Hekou District of Dongying City State Taxation Bureau, through the audit, 856 people will compete for a number of. It is understood that this year the country will be severely punished for cheating in the exam. The criminal law amendment in November last year the implementation of the "(nine)" the generation of test, cheating, cheating, help organizations sell criminal acts such as questions and answers, and depending on the seriousness of detention, three years or three years more than seven years of fixed-term imprisonment. The country is approaching, these precautions please close: these things to bring together with the ticket must be accurate, I am valid ID card before entering the examination room. To enter the examination room to obey the arrangement of staff. The best advance into the examination room invigilator will read the relevant examination before 20 minutes notice, candidates are advised to arrive early. The pen for examination requires the administration occupation ability test will use 2B pencil on the sheet will be used on Tiantu, black writing pen, pen. Candidates own rubber, 2B pencil, black writing pen, signature pen. These things can not be brought into the examination room is prohibited to bring all kinds of electronics, communications, computing, storage or other related equipment to the seat. Entrance and exit time 30 minutes into the exam, no admission; during the examination, shall not leave early. These things can not be taken out of the examination room can not answer card, paper, paper, etc.. Early recognition of the road is very important for candidates to apply for the examination of the day before the examination room and traffic routes. Details of the candidates can log in Shandong personnel examination information network () query, print ticket time: 10:00 November 27th to 14:30 in November 21st.相关的主题文章: