Shaking kidnapping group verse exposure cited lines aggressively pursued ca1477

"Shaking" hot lines the kidnapping exposure cited by the Beijing Phoenix Entertainment news popular poster Feng Wo Hui culture media Co., Ltd. Xiangshan Feng sea Media Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing gemei Film Culture Communication Co. Ltd, Bo capital investment introduction, China film Limited by Share Ltd issued, Beijing Feng Wo Hui culture media Co., Ltd. Xiangshan Maple sea Media Technology Co., Anthony Hopkins, Sam Worthington, to assist the issue, Jim Sturgis, Ryan, Mark Van Even, Jemima West, Wan Teng and many other Hollywood stars to join the crime drama starring strength action movie "shaking" has been officially released by the kidnapping, the hot topic to attract many fans blitz. Hopki is bursting with gold sentence after another old but vigorous acting brings together many Hollywood movie star "shaking kidnapping group" will give the audience a very strong cast lineup, starred in "the silence of the lamb", "Hannibal" and other classic movie star Anthony Hopkins, changed his impressive cold, cunning, crazy, bloodthirsty the "white doctor" image, a manifestation of a charming man wise, calm, resolute and decisive in the film. Anthony Hopkins’s performance will directly affect the film’s popularity and suction eye effect. In the film, he offered no less than "the silence of the Lambs", "Hannibal" superb acting. The play HeineKen president, played with acting, especially those people have signs, labels, and enough to kill the Soul Eater and magic, magic eye, full of evil unrestrained micro expressions, let the whole character charm. High IQ HeineKen president, and Hannibal nanfenbozhong, from this simple dialogue with the kidnappers in it, we can see. In the film, Hopki verse frequent, saying "this is the game of play" and with a mysterious smile, caused numerous fans of this role, some fans said, grew up watching Hopki movies, this sentence is not a general aura actor can show, and this seemingly ordinary lines, also can only be on the big screen to show the charm. In the movie, Hopki constantly use language to put pressure on Sam Worthington, Worthington was put into a corner, a kidnapper should take hostages no way, Anthony Hopkins, talking to the automatic speaking yet insane way of acting, but will Heineken despair and hope, confidence, pessimism and other complex mood, transmission precision thorough. "Afanda" offbeat interpretation of "Holland Godfather" tough life starring "Afanda", "gods of war" and the explosion of red Hollywood Sam Worthington in the film also has good performance. Play to the guy Sam · Worthington, the film uncharacteristically, he played William, head of the delegation of the kidnapping. Because of strong and tough, resourceful, were gang members as "Rambo", Yu he is the initiator of the case, in the kidnapping case, several fearless little thieves, the reason for the first time wading, but in a month long period of time the police did not find any evidence that owes much to Sam’s the William. He is a born criminal cotyledons, play a large number of newcomers, but no significant Mountain Dew, end.相关的主题文章: