September there are four big positive look at the top ten blog

In September four good ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Sina Financial News Wednesday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened a stock index opened after the shock down, intraday real estate stocks broke out, Vanke A (24.930, 2.27. 10.02%) limit, Hengda concept comeback, in its lead, placards stocks also performed, then the market rally turned red. Afternoon opening two cities to maintain a narrow range, brokerage, banking, insurance and other financial stocks to support the market force. Only gem decline to expand again. The disk, Shenzhen Tong, Hengda concept of active, PPP concept has stabilized signs of stabilization, the concept of graphene plate tail pulled. Volume once again shrinking. Sixth September four: feel good anyway, August go OK, similar to the blog at the end of July to August is expected, in September, I think as long as there is no unexpected bad, the market continues to shock upstream should be a high probability event! Cheetah: the market in September will usher in the two days after the start may reach 3100 tomorrow, today has scored 3080 points, tomorrow’s task is to hit 3100 points, but could not get under the coordination of energy and the hot plate, so I expect tomorrow is expected to start! Yu Hui: K open red three soldiers harvest season will open the market in September from tomorrow, since 3140 has experienced 12 trading days, is just the Fibonacci variable count, stock index to the probability variable greatly, is expected to start to stand in line or watch. Bald sea stocks: can determine the rebound height for the current market trend, temporarily to the maintenance of stability in the market to see, while operating on the attention of changes of market volume, by changes in the amount of energy as an important index for reference, in did not form an effective breakthrough or to pay attention to the position of the control system, do it back into the attack and defend. Old music: still not to go when the Thursday morning rush of action can first come out, don’t be afraid to take the market transactions, if still can be re admitted, if go bad, go ahead is not what. Li Zhengjin: on line three Yang September refresh the rebound high line, upward divergence, MACD green column further convergence, OBV index increased continuously after KDJ MACD low mouth. This month 3097 breakthrough before the high, although not firm, but its dormant, next month will be completed before the beginning of the high breakthrough. Nanshan to listen to the wind: a major breakthrough in whether the time has come to the market today, the main long in the relevant news of the stimulus, once again launched a series of Hengda placards concept stocks, while trying to sing the same old song in the new times, hundred shares, graphene, such as the above, in order to dig the hot spots, gather popularity, pry the index, with the market. Heart: long to attack 3100 from this point of view, then we will make the market will rebound in volume 3100, ready to attack, but beware of the rebound will enter the end of the show. The first: investors or in shock on the uplink相关的主题文章: