School house Light war tactics triggered Tucao 97179

School house? The tactics of the light novel triggered Tucao along with the development of the network, and now many light novelists are popular by contributing to the site. For example, the University before the "magic" losers "Re: so it is started from different world of life". But also because of this relationship, led to the threshold of the creation of light novels greatly reduced. To this end, recently there are users sharing a look very MDZZ work. In this work, the hero need to win a battle to complete. But he is confident that they have a chance of winning 9. So specific how to do it? Is to let their troops from both sides in the past to break through the enemy’s lines, then the enemy surrounded and annihilated the enemy. Then the number of people, the protagonist of a party of 300 people, while the other is the 5000 person. So a 300 person surrounded by the tactics of the 5000 people appeared. In this regard, many Japanese netizens laugh said: "this is one primary contribution?" "How do you feel that you don’t even understand the basic mathematical principles?……" "Well, in case of 300 giant surrounded by the 5000 dwarfs, you don’t black author!" And to see such works set, we also want Tucao it? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: