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UnCategorized Women are at a greater risk of having less to live on in retirement because of a number of factors: the tendency towards lower pay in the workplace, interruptions due to childbirth and caregiving, and problematic investing are just some of these factors, which directly influence how much female workers contribute to their retirement plans and receive as benefits. Here are a few tips female seniors can follow to get their finances back on track: Learn more about the principles of investing and saving up for retirement. Knowing more about investments and how you can increase your savings allows you to make better decisions that can improve your outlook on retirement. The in.e-replacement rule, for example, is a rough estimate of how much money you need to have during retirement. Typically, advisors say that you have to replace around 80% of your yearly working in.e, although this doesn’t consider unexpected costs. Make a plan that takes higher healthcare costs and long-term care into account. Eliminate debt so you can free up more of your money for investments. Women are pegged to live well into their 80s, which requires a larger overall nest egg. Start by decreasing your credit card debt to lower expenses and give you more available cash, and work from there. Extending your working years by two or three years can give you a huge boost in retirement benefits. This is because you’ll put in more contributions to your retirement accounts or savings plans, improve your future benefits, and reduce the strain on your personal savings. Making enough money to live on when you retire can seem difficult, especially with the barriers women face in the workplace, and the fact that they need more money for retirement because of longer life expectancies. Consult with your financial planner to know more about investing and eliminating debt, as well as how much more you can add to your retirement funds by delaying retirement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: