Restructuring party to withdraw the application Huang Bo Han Geng listed blocked webquest

Restructuring of the party to withdraw the application of Huang Bo’s "listed" blocked – the company listed on the price of Listed Companies in to assess the enthusiasm of mergers and acquisitions is cooling. Electroacoustic September 28th announced the withdrawal of the acquisition of Xi’an film company, Beijing Qujiang spring and Leroy entertainment circle equity culture communication company restructuring program, Huang Bo, Han Geng and other stars "listed" blocked. Electroacoustic released in June 12, 2015 about planning a major reorganization of the suspension notice, experienced by the board of directors, the Shenzhen stock exchange information, shareholders through a series of processes, in the whole year after June 12, 2016 to submit the audit commission. According to the plan, the company intends to price 13.01 yuan per share to the total investment, Yang Wei, film gourd 9 specific object of additional shares, 3 billion 273 million yuan to raise funds for the purchase of Leroy entertainment circle under the spring harmony with the entire equity. Data show that as of December 31, 2015, spring and net assets of 363 million yuan, the transaction price of 1 billion 800 million yuan, value-added rate of 495.87%; net assets Leroy culture for 186 million yuan, the transaction price of 2 billion 320 million yuan, value-added rate of 1247.31%. The list of shareholders star two film companies gathered, Huang Bo, Liu Heping and other famous performers in harmony spring shareholder. In accordance with the payment protocol, to electroacoustic harmony spring 65.41% cash, a total of 1 billion 177 million yuan, the remaining part of the shares up. It is reported that the book value of the shares held by Huang Bo in this transaction is about 179 million 800 thousand yuan, the price of $14 million 400 thousand for the acquisition of Liu Heping. Another acquirees Leroy culture, in September this year has just listed on the new board, the company’s biggest star is Han Geng. Leroy culture in 2010 to sign Han Geng as its exclusive global affairs performing the operation of the company and the company admitted that "for individual artists which rely on". During the reporting period, the company’s artists Han Geng purchase amount accounted for about 30% of the company’s current operating costs. It is reported that Leroy culture third shares of China East Tibet, holds 6.23% of the shares, the second largest shareholder of Tibet Hua fruit is Han Geng, the shareholding ratio of 39.69%. This calculation, in the electroacoustic offer, Han Geng shares worth more than 57 million yuan. In addition, Shawn Huang and Zhou Bichang also indirectly held shares of Leroy culture. This year, with the tightening of the listing of the company will be set by the SFC, the stars of the realization of the listing dream is not so easy to achieve. In September 23rd, a total of electro acoustic stock suspension, saying that due to greater volatility in capital market in the near future, and policy environment has greatly changed, the company intends to make adjustments to the transaction program, is expected to constitute a major adjustment plan ", after 5 days, a total of electro acoustic in September 28th and announced that the reorganization of the subject where the film and television industry market environmental change, spring integration can achieve its commitment to performance there is a big uncertainty. And after spring integration related counterparty full discussion, due to the key terms of valuation adjustment failed to reach agreement, the company will make a major adjustment to the restructuring plan. According to the relevant regulations, a total electric ice相关的主题文章: