Reliance Industries To Support To Mumbai Surveillance Project-didadi

Business Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), in association with Siemens AG, has joined forces along with other leading private sector .panies to support an initiative by the Maharashtra state government that aims to secure Mumbai by installing home land security systems, such as video surveillance cameras, .mand and control centers and data serves across the city. Apart from Reliance Industries Siemens, the state government has shortlisted six other syndicates for this project, including Wipro-Airtel, Schneider-IBM, Allied Technologies and Cisco, HCL and Revmax Infotech, TCS with its subsidiary CMC Limited and MTNL and Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL) partnering with Divitel and Acosta Electric. These private sector .panies will lend their support in installation of cameras, creating and managing software architecture to monitor and analyze streaming footage at various .mand centers and setting up data storage servers. Reliance Industries, for instance, will be providing 4G seamless tele. bandwidth along with project management skills to its associate partner Siemens a .pany known to offer exemplary security solutions globally. Reliance is well-known to operate the worlds largest integrated security automation system of over 12,000 cameras, advanced sensors, radars and video analytics for its corporate headquarters, branch offices and even retail stores. Also, Reliance Industries subsidiary Reliance Security Solutions and Siemens had recently signed a deal to mutually develop astute security solutions for safe, secure and smarter cities and highways in India earlier in September. Other private .panies will leverage their expertise in IT, tele. etc. to offer solutions for developing infrastructure for home land security. This project is estimated to cost Rs. 600 crore and will be .pleted in the course of next five years. As the role of surveillance and security assumes greater importance, there is an emerging need to move over to intelligent electronic security solutions. This initiative by Maharashtra state government is likely to serve as a template for other cities to follow. And with support from leading .panies of the country, Indian cities can hope to see better surveillance systems in place over the .ing years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: