Please middle school teachers do not say on the University relaxed (video) govos

Please do not say that the secondary school teacher on the University relaxed, on the University relaxed!" High school teachers often encourage their students. The author believes that the starting point of high school teachers should be good, want to let in through suffering for the boat’s students have a "bitter sweet" hope, in order to motivate students. But high school teachers think of this sentence has made many students cheated? "The first week of class is over, I feel it is not easy to go to college!" Last year, I taught 2015 freshmen in the University, Xiao Li, said in a phone call with his mother. To this end, he got up early and stay up late, study hard every day, but the first semester of higher mathematics or fail the exam, but only make-up is through. The students of grade 2015 Li Engineering College, the first semester grades do not pass the number ratio of 20%, the highest proportion of the number of the class failed to reach 41%; the second semester grade failed the proportion rose to 30%, some classes the proportion is as high as 55%. The course of the year, more than 20 students under credit ratio of 2.4%! At present, some of the key universities of engineering students in the one or two grade failure rate has become a common phenomenon. The reason, in addition to the college entrance examination (course) is a national examination result between around the quality of students, some students after the University relaxed learning is also an important reason. "Going to college is easy" misleading a large number of freshmen. A prospective students in 2014 grade I taught, entering school for nearly 3 months, at home playing games all day, so that after entering the game addiction studies have inextricably bogged down in. Many parents think that children can easily get a college diploma, some parents of pre-school children indulge in play behavior laissez faire. On the University, loose management makes some students enjoy a relaxed. However, the result is easy to many students "red light" hanging, individual students also had to drop out of school. In fact, the university is not easy to talk about, or even more hard to learn. University teaching and high school cannot be mention in the same breath before and after class, students need to spend a lot of time to prepare the review, independent learning ability of students to meet, such as higher mathematics difficult courses, if students skip classes, and read a book not to do homework, how will pass the exam? College students do not need to change the secondary school teachers do not say, on the University relaxed, to say, on the University of freedom more". In high school, the only goal is to go to college. High school teacher can tell the students, the University, learning or can not relax, but more than high school more freedom, the freedom to choose the goal of learning, after graduation or work or further study abroad, also can be in the middle (course) or school entrepreneurship; learning, in addition to compulsory courses, elective sense of freedom in the course, optional extracurricular self-study or classroom or library places…… University life is rich and colorful, learning, can freely do what they want to do…… To this end, the middle school teachers to cultivate a little more students self-learning ability. In this way, students will benefit from college.相关的主题文章: