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Self play play Hey "90" Metrosexual in Chengdu Railway Station – Sichuan channel loss — original title: self play play hi the 90 Metrosexual train station packet loss during the national day, a ready to travel by train Metrosexual 90 at the train station playing the self timer, with more than forget your luggage. In the Chengdu South Railway Station in Chengdu Railway Police Department police help, the million property wanbiguizhao. October 4th at 9 am, Chengdu South Railway Station police station Jiang Wei in the waiting room patrol, found a seat on a black backpack. Jiang Wei immediately in the waiting room to carry out visits to ask, but no one claimed. Jiang Wei then rushed to the station broadcast search through the radio, and arrange colleagues continue to find the owner in the train station. 20 minutes later, a young man sweat ran to the police duty room "report", said his bag was gone. After verification, the original name tide male is the owner of the backpack. He is a native of Chengdu, was living near Chengdu train station, but since junior high school after the move will not come again. The National Day holiday, he planned to take the Chengdu Chongqing high-speed EMU travel to Chongqing, the thought is revisiting, and joy of travel, the man was very excited, before the trip was carefully dressed up, ready in the high-end atmosphere of the new train station camwhoring, made a circle of friends to win a point like. When the man stop ticket, hand bag on the seat in the waiting room, put together the self to play pose. Subsequently, he also repeatedly "turn" in the station, had not even noticed his bag on the seat, even the radio station to find the owner, he still revel in self pleasure, when will the ticket on the train, found himself lost a bag, and then immediately found the police for help…… Under the witness of the station workers, Jiang Wei carried out a backpack inventory, which is equipped with a value of 11000 yuan Canon SLR camera 1, $2000 Crocodile Wallet, $200 in cash and several bank cards. After confirmation, the police officer will be returned to the backpack backpack man. In the face of repeated thanks to the man, Chiang police said humorously, self image is good, the higher the price of money, travel must pay attention to the luggage to see prison". (Zhang Hua, Gao Hongxia dimension: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: