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People’s Daily: the number of broken family rot lost son Lao Tzu disaster – Sohu comments when young grandson read a Book Zeng Guofan, most do not understand is his attitude to the younger generation. For example, tutor five words: books, vegetables, fish, pigs, bamboo. He particularly dislike the children to sleep, get up for reading, vegetables, fish, pigs, bamboo to. Girls have to spin cooking laundry, doing housework. Not only that, even wrote to his brother: I will never leave money to their children, an official of the people to give their children leave money "shameful hateful". It’s easy to understand that parents don’t love their children. However, Zeng Guofan’s explanation is: only diligently can maintain the family to go up, the family is prosperous; if the posterity does not have the good fortune, the money becomes the evil tool, the entire family will follow the humiliation. Deep thinking, just feel such love for children, "the road seems heartless, but love", it can be said love to the idea, it is also wise. "Big son hoe beans in the East, the son is woven cages. Most children like a stream down I head off ", the first word of Xin Qiji read to always make people smile, because his parents heart write filament is completed. People of non vegetation, ruthless? In the family, the young nurse is It’s only human. this is children, the laws of biology, a human instinct. One is the inevitable extension and sublimation of social, especially in family ethics Chinese. If someone actually personally send their children to promote the fire pit, let him out of prison step by step, as parents feel fantastic cannot imagine? Sadly, this kind of folly is not uncommon in real life. In recent years, some leading cadres to mobilize the whole family all blinded by lust for money, corruption, Liu Tienan, Li Daqiu, Guo Yongxiang and Zhao Shaolin are all true. They have the world rare brilliant success, but eventually broke Lao Tzu, lost son and grandson even for mitigating disaster, put the blame each other, relatives become enemies, waiting for their only black hole for a painful solitude, life tragedy. Is the family actually provide much material for thought, why is this? Why do parents love their children? The ancients said: "the parents of the beloved son, for the far-reaching." It can not be said that Liu Tienan’s "beloved son" is not far reaching". When Liu Tienan let the son of a pensioner in the Association unit, certainly not for the accumulation of evidence of a crime, must think is a great deal. However, the law as unearned love and wisdom, will harm the interests of the people at the same time, destroy their own happiness, is the poison of a fool to the third degree. Liu Tienan in the final statement in court, he broke down in tears and said sorry son, a father this kind of unspeakable a poke, "it is shameful hateful"! History and reality tell us that love is innocent, indulgence is poison; some things can be wrong again, misplaced love means destruction. Some families because of indulgence and indulgence so, let the children eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand "," no matter how ", love leisure and hate labour. Some parents take the relationship, seek the seat, the wealth for their children, even violate the law and discipline, and slide into the abyss of crime. Such love, easy to make children develop many bad qualities, lost the ability of independent growth, development, seemingly.

人民日报批全家腐:折了老子 赔上儿子 殃及孙子-搜狐评论  年轻时读曾国藩家书,最不能理解的是他对后辈的态度。比如家教五个字:书蔬鱼猪竹。他特别反感孩子们睡懒觉,要求赶紧起床读书、种菜、养鱼、喂猪、种竹子去。女孩子还要纺线做饭洗衣,家务事自己做。不但如此,竟然写信通知他弟弟:我将来绝不给子女留钱,做官的人给子女留钱“可羞可恨”。   此举容易让人理解为,做父母的不疼爱子女。然而,曾国藩的解释是:只有勤奋才能保持家人向上、家族兴旺;后代如果没出息,钱财就成了作恶工具,全家将跟着蒙羞。深细思之,才觉这样的对子女之爱,“道似无情却有情”,可谓爱到了点子上,亦可谓明智。   “大儿锄豆溪东,中儿正织鸡笼。最喜小儿无赖,溪头卧剥莲蓬”,辛弃疾的这首词读来总让人会心一笑,因为他把天下父母的内心写得纤丝毕现。人非草木,孰能无情?在亲情中,护雏舐犊乃人之常情,这是生物学规律,人的一种本能。望子成龙则是其必然延伸和社会性升华,在重视家庭伦理的中国尤其如此。假如说有人竟亲手把子女推进火坑,一步一步让他犯罪坐牢,为人父母者是否觉得匪夷所思无法想象?   令人唏嘘的是,在现实生活中,这样的蠢事并不少见。近年来,一些领导干部利令智昏,全家齐动员大搞腐败,刘铁男、李达球、郭永祥、赵少麟无不如此。本来他们拥有世人少有的辉煌成功,最终却折了老子、赔上儿子、殃及孙子,甚至为了减轻罪责互相诿罪,亲人成了仇敌,等待他们的只有黑洞般的痛苦寂寥,人生悲剧莫过于此。发人深思的是,亲情竟何以至此?父母爱子女,何以沦为如此结局?   古人云:“父母之爱子,则为之计深远。”不能说刘铁男们的“爱子”不“计深远”。当初刘铁男让儿子在关联单位拿干薪,一定不是为了积累犯罪证据,一定以为是讨了大便宜。然而,把不劳而获违法乱纪当作爱和智慧,必然在损害人民利益的同时,亲手毁灭自家的幸福,可谓饮鸩止渴,愚不可及。刘铁男在法庭最后陈述中,泣不成声地说他对不起儿子,一语戳中了这一类父亲难以启齿的痛处,正是“可羞可恨”!   历史和现实告诉我们,爱是无罪的,溺爱则是毒药;有的事错了可以重来,错位的爱则意味着毁灭。有的家庭因为这样的溺爱与错爱,让孩子“饭来张口,衣来伸手”,“不事稼穑”、好逸恶劳。有的父母为孩子走关系、谋位子、贪财富,甚至不惜违纪违法,滑向犯罪的深渊。如此之爱,容易使孩子养成诸多不良品质,失去了独立成长、发展的能力,看似为孩子“计深远”,实则误其前程、断其生路。   周恩来不让子侄透露亲属关系,杨善洲不给子女安排工作,多少老一辈革命家把一生积蓄全部交了党费、不留给子女。今天的领导干部如何爱子女,他们为后人树立了榜样。惟有树良好家风,做到廉洁修身、廉洁齐家,才能真正许子女一个美好的未来。相关的主题文章: