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Pellegrini: complete the three year plan China football club development golden period – Sohu sports Hebei Huaxia happiness conference Pellegrini debut took the helm   in September 11, 2016, Hebei Huaxia happiness held in Qinhuangdao coach Pellegrini will meet the media, the Chilean engineer officially took over the team coach, the club chairman leaves?, general manager Fu Qiang, the team leader Gao Yao, Captain Dewey attended the meeting, more than 60 domestic and foreign media nearly 100 media people witnessed this important moment. On the meeting, host Zhang Bin formally introduced Hebei Happy Chinese new coach Mr. Pellegrini, a white haired "engineer" handsome debut. Subsequently, the team coach Pelosi handsome debut, including team assistant coach, fitness coach, goalkeeper coach, doctor, a physical therapist, most of them follow Pellegrini for many years, with rich teaching experience. At the meeting, Hebei Huaxia happiness club chairman leaves? Will be a symbol of coach "Pellegrini India" awarded Pellegrini. Hebei Huaxia happy football team captain Dewey also on behalf of the team, will be printed with a handsome name of the 3 Jersey gave him, the era of players in the back of the body is the number of Pellegrini. Pellegrini said: Chinese football is in the golden period of development, the Chinese came to teach, I hope to lead the Hebei China happiness set foot on a higher platform. There are 6 or 7 games left in the season, and I will be able to make reasonable tactical arrangements based on the situation of the opponent and the team. We will look forward to the future, based on the next season, the Hebei China to build a happy fighting team. Hebei Huaxia happiness is a lofty ideal and long-term planning of the club, I will dedicate all my power to help the club experience, complete the three year plan." Hebei Huaxia happiness club chairman leaves? Will first introduces why the introduction of Pellegrini, met in September 11th the coach leaves? Said: "although China happiness has just entered football for two years, but I have a goal and plan the future hiring Pellegrini is hope he can bring to the team, the three tactical courage and strength the rise of." Will meet the media after the end, Pellegrini led the team to the first training at the Olympic sports center field A.相关的主题文章: