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" Pan Jinlian " foreign unanimously award   postponed to November release of competition and the new Ang Lee movie – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn original title: " Pan Jinlian " foreign awards won a unanimous vote postponed to November release of competition with Ang Lee Feng Xiaogang’s new film   film; "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the Toronto International Film Festival, San Sebastian the International Film Festival gains three awards yesterday, cast the spoils, held a celebration in beijing. Jia Zhangke as the San Sebastian International Film Festival Jury Award witnessed the film course, he said, "I am not Pan Jinlian" really conquered all the judges, won the best film and best actress is all the judges unanimously. He believes that the use of humor in the face of life so that the film so that all people agree, Feng’s composition has Chinese classical poetry, humor and poetry together, so that we find new." Joy puts heart into a man, directed by Feng Xiaogang until last night also immersed in the excitement, laughing at "hate flying up award". He believes that this movie is not just winning for themselves and their creative encouragement, but also to China film awards. He thanked the film Bureau in the party, "in fact, from the beginning of the film Bureau behind the project to follow, has been very supportive of this movie, but always help us to grasp the sense of propriety, I think it also reflects the creation of diversification." For all the rumors Tiaodang film caused by the Pingdao explained that the changed files mainly because the film Bureau hopes the National Archives special movies don’t get together, so "I am not Pan Jinlian" choose to release in November. The film director Ang Lee in November and together with the competition, Feng Xiaogang did not fear the enemy, "we put together the November file burns". Won the best actress Fan Bingbing last night was too proud, she said: "I don’t think I have to face the director gave me the Mission Director, I do well, at the moment of our efforts have certainly." Guo Tao, Zhao Lixin, Yu Hewei, Peng to director Feng Xiaogang and Fan Bingbing expressed his congratulations, also honored for their participation in this movie. The guest in the film a policeman Li Chen quipped, he is to "know" to attend the celebration. He admitted that the award itself more nervous than Fan Bingbing, "before a night without sleep, she had no words made a photo here, I instantly frightened, can’t sleep, a day to fight the booster seemed very excited very happy." Fan Bingbing would also like to thank all the male actors: "I think every one of them has very excellent acting, anxious to play slag off the ground up and play, not them so good brothers to show this is so good, I do not have this award, I want to the awards and they share." For once the "vase" label, Fan Bingbing claimed that "now is not exclusive, but took the vase, vase winner. I didn’t dare to think about winning the prize, but I thought it was good luck. No one will be one hundred percent sure that in this world, really)相关的主题文章: