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MIIT: Battery catalog and access to new energy vehicles is not linked to the Ministry of industry and new energy automotive battery: directory access is not linked to the Ministry plans to amend the standard battery condition, will further improve the previously set capacity, R & D of various technical indicators. At the same time, increase the enterprise has entered the spot checks and checks, the future of the battery directory will have some dynamic adjustment. "New energy enterprises and product access rules, from the Ministry of industry, the 44 document of the draft can be seen, and the battery directory does not matter. In addition, the Ministry of Finance on the adjustment of new energy vehicles subsidy policy, power battery companies and products will be made some requirements, but not simply linked to the battery directory." September 5th, the Ministry of industry and equipment industry secretary Meng Xiangfeng automotive department in the China Automotive Technology Development Report 2016, the release and the seminar, for the reporter’s question, made the above reply. The so-called battery directory, that is, the Ministry of industry and other relevant departments of the introduction of the automotive power battery industry standard conditions, the enterprise directory, has now announced the four batch. Announced in June 20th this year, the fourth batch of enterprise directory, including air lithium and other 32 enterprises selected. In March 24th last year, the Ministry officially released the automotive power battery industry norms conditions, the four batch of a total of 57 into the directory of battery companies. After the Ministry of industry announced the battery catalog, once in the industry caused by the exclusion of LG can achieve more of the Ningde era, that is how to support the discussion of the local battery business. Then, aiming at the core problem of the battery and transferred to the directory, and access to new energy vehicles, and is the adjustment of the financial subsidies for the development of new energy vehicles is of decisive significance of the policies and regulations linked. As Meng Xiangfeng said, the Ministry of the "new energy automobile production enterprises and products access management rules" (industry announcement [2009] No. forty-fourth) was revised, and in August 12th, in its official website issued a "new energy automobile production enterprises and products access regulations (Revised Draft)", the deadline to September 12th. Meng said at the same time, the original intention of the battery catalog is developed in order to regulate the development of the power battery industry, battery production enterprises in the R & D, quality assurance, production consistency, etc.. "The battery directory is a resource declaration. In the future, the directory will be based on corporate reporting, in accordance with the normal operation of the release process." Meng Xiangfeng stressed. In addition, the Ministry plans to modify the conditions of the battery specification, will further improve the previously set capacity, R & D and other technical indicators. At the same time, increase the enterprise has entered the spot checks and checks, the future of the battery directory will have some dynamic adjustment.相关的主题文章:

Eight year old Weng and gigolette rental cohabitation 4 prosecution seventy wife to divorce News – S t420s

Eight year old Weng and gigolette rental cohabitation 4 prosecution seventy wife to divorce – Sohu news what? The eight year old man Shenyang uncle Liu met a sixty female partner in square dancing, then uncle Liu derailed, and the dance company renting cohabitation. As for the dance partner a "confession", uncle Liu will again and again have been married for 40 years old wife to court for divorce. Uncle Liu and Zhou aunt early introduced to strangers, October 1969 registration of marriage. Now, the son already have a pension are old marry and settle down, two, enough to live comfortably. Nothing else, the two old people always love to go home downstairs small square dance exercise. In August 2013, Zhou aunt was suddenly living together for more than 40 years, uncle Liu sued the Yuhong District People’s court, said the breakdown of the feelings, personality, lack of communication and understanding, and asked Zhou aunt to divorce. Zhou aunt said do not agree with what. By the judge, and the two sides, the final withdrawal of Uncle liu. Unexpectedly, things just over 6 months, uncle Liu came to Yuhong District People’s court to demand the divorce judgment, Zhou aunt still does not agree, the court again rejected the claims of Uncle liu. February 2015, uncle Liu sued for divorce again. This time, Zhou aunt to uncle Liu to ascertain the reasons of divorce, the original uncle Liu has someone out there. Even so, Zhou aunt did not want to divorce. In the trial, uncle Liu refused to admit derailed, insisted that the breakdown of marriage, as one would like to divorce. After the court, dismissed the request of uncle Liu again. At the beginning of this year, uncle Liu once again to affection to sue for divorce and Zhou aunt. The presiding judge Zhao Ping repeatedly communicate, uncle Liu revealed the truth of the divorce again and again. It turned out that in the square dance dance, uncle Liu met a small woman more than and 20 years younger than their own. Each single one, seven meters tall, more than and 8 meters tall uncle liu. Uncle Liu said, never encountered and their dance so good, so inviting. In 2013, in the week when aunt to Thailand tourism, uncle Liu and the other came together. Uncle Liu take money to help each other to rent a cottage, to move in together. Uncle Liu said that the other side is a stranger, there is no stable source of income, thanks to his monthly pension of more than 2000 yuan. Because the other party has diabetes, uncle Liu felt a certain pressure, want to break up with each other, was rejected. No, uncle Liu wanted to divorce his wife, want to give each other an account. By the judge after persuasion, uncle Liu to realize his mistake, but still insist that the judge rejected the verdict, "so I don’t look to each other, not divorce, but the court sentenced away, I have no way." Yuhong District People’s court held that, uncle Liu suggested that both sides feelings have indeed broken the opinion, the court shall not be accepted. Taking into account the basis of marriage, marital status, physical condition and the obligation to support each other and other factors, should not be allowed to divorce both parties. In the end, the court ruled that the law dismissed uncle Liu’s request. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Wang Lijun相关的主题文章:

New restart button Google pixel on October 4th release – Sohu digital www.zjzs.net

New restart button Google Pixel on October 4th – Sohu IT168 (digital information) has been rumored Google will hold a press conference in October 4th, the official launch of the new Pxiel series of new machines. Now, this argument seems to have been confirmed to a certain extent. According to foreign media reports, Google has quietly released publicity preheat information, said it will hold a press conference in October 4th. Although it is not clear that the phone is new, and because of the appearance of the phone screen in the warm-up page, so no accident, then, the new Google Pixel series will be officially met with us at this conference. October 4th release of Google’s Pro son news has been fried hot, and outgoing news will be released in October 4th. And now, Google has quietly released preheat information, said it will hold a press conference in San Francisco in October 4th. Although the Google is not clear and specific to release new information, but as a result of the promotional video appeared in the mobile phone profile, and the 10.4 and the date of the G logo seems to presage a launch would be the legendary Google Pixel and Pixel XL two mobile phone. Compared to the previous Google’s "son", this year Google mobile phone in the name changed, completely abandoned the past brand Nexus, instead of Pixel with the same C plate Pixel series, and by HTC exclusive OEM, code name is Sailfish and Marlin, the official name for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, respectively, with 5 inch and 5.5 inch touch screen, but the shape of the mobile phone is just exactly the same, only small differences in the big screen. The new button to restart it is worth mentioning that, according to foreign websites AP said the latest disclosure, the new Google Pixel series not only will be equipped with the new Android7.1 system, but also increased the reset button, which will undoubtedly bring more convenience to the user’s daily use. As for the specific configuration of the two new machines, Google Pixel equipped with a 5 inches touch screen will support 1080p resolution, while the Google Pxiel XL will be equipped with 5.5 inches screen. But the two models do not have too much difference in the other specifications, are equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, and is the first batch of Xiaolong 821 models. Google Pixel and Pixel XL both have 4GB memory and 32GB storage capacity, and is equipped with 8 million pixel front camera and a 13 million pixel camera, and the latter also uses the same paragraph with the SONY IMX378 sensor. However, Google Pixel and Pixel XL is also different in battery capacity, which will be equipped with a larger capacity of 3450 MAH battery, and rumors will increase the 128GB version and cancel the 64GB capacity version. Price or higher as the price of these two Google new machine, although previously rumored Google Pixel XL will be sold for $649, but the latest disclosure of the message display,.相关的主题文章:

Wreckage found in Mauritius is indeed from Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft (video) oboni

A piece of wreckage found in Mauritius is from Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft Malaysia: confirmation of a piece of wreckage found in Mauritius from Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft on 7 October, Xinhua news agency, Kuala Lumpur (reporter Lin Hao, Liu Tong) Malaysia transport minister LIOW said on the 7, a piece of wreckage found in Mauritius confirmed that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 from aircraft. Liao Zhonglai said in a statement the same day, according to the analysis and inspection of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau experts, the wreckage part numbers, the appearance and the structure shows that it is a Boeing 777 left lateral flap parts. According to the records of the flap manufacturer, components are mounted on the number 9M MRO aircraft, the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 aircraft. According to these findings, experts believe that the wreckage from Malaysia Airlines flight 370 airliner. Previously, two pieces of debris found in the French reunion and Tanzania respectively in September last year and this was confirmed from Malaysia Airlines flight 370 airliner. March 8, 2014, from Malaysia to Beijing, China, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 lost contact with the aircraft, the aircraft was carrying a total of 239 people on. January 29, 2015, the Malaysia Civil Aviation Authority announced that the plane crashed airliner, and presumed all personnel on board were killed. In July 22nd this year, Malaysia, Australia and China three party ministers issued a joint statement said that if in the current designated 120 thousand square kilometers in the search region not found Malaysia Airlines flight 370 aircraft and the lack of reliable evidence, the search operation will abort. (end)相关的主题文章:

Chestnut jujube paste – Sohu maternal and child beef怎么读�

Before the rice paste chestnut red dates – Sohu 3 year old baby infant chewing and swallowing function is not perfect, so treasure the mother to baby in the porridge must pay attention to, don’t like some peanut porridge Riga easily choking trachea ingredients. At the same time should also pay attention to the baby to drink porridge boiled soft point, can also add a little less seasoning ingredients in porridge, such as jujube, longan, lotus seeds, raisins, etc., which can increase the sweet taste, can let the baby more easily accept. But need to pay attention to all the dried fruits are going nuclear, especially by hard and sharp, may hurt your baby’s mouth and digestive tract, in addition to the baby, do porridge or rice paste do not add sugar, try not to cultivate the baby to drink porridge must add sugar habit. And let the children adapt to the natural food in the light sweet taste, today and share the chestnut rice paste chestnut and red dates, red dates are with natural sweet taste, but also very high nutrition, make the rice paste very good oh. Chestnut red dates: chestnut rice paste formula 4, red dates 4, rice 40g, oat 6G seasoning: no cooking methods: Cooking reference month: the degree of difficulty: more than 10 months without difficulty that the suitable approach to food allergy BABY * * 1 Preparation: 4 red dates, chestnut 4, rice, oat 6g 40g. 2 oat washed, soaked in water for 4 hours in advance. PS: if the treasure mom bought is instant oatmeal without soaking in advance, can be poured into the pan before. 3 chestnut cold water pot, cook about 20 minutes or so. PS: chestnut nutrient rich, vitamin C content is higher than the tomato, apple is more than ten times. Chestnut minerals are also very comprehensive, including potassium, zinc, iron, etc.. Although the content was not high but still much higher than the hazelnut, apple and other common fruit, especially the potassium content is 3 times higher than apple. Chestnuts taste is very sweet, can often give the baby to eat yo ~ 4 red dates wash, and then pour the boiling water, soaked to the skin swell. PS: red dates in the bubble, you can use a small bowl of pressure on the top, so red dates will not float up, but also easier to bubble. 5 and then peeled jujube kernel. PS: the baby to eat red dates, in order to avoid the baby card to the throat, remove the pit in advance, I will remove the skin. 3 years old after the baby, if the swallowing ability is good, you can not peel. 6 chestnut cooked fish, shell cool, remove the chestnut meat. 7 then the Chinese chestnut into the bag, with rolling pin roll into pieces of chestnut. 8 chestnut roll out, into a small bowl of standby. 9 put the rice and the good oats into the pot, add appropriate amount of water. PS: rice porridge boil, turn a small fire stew slowly, so cook the porridge will drink more viscous. Treasure the mother also can directly use the rice cooker to cook well! 10 rice porridge boil to ropy, into the pot at the end of the chestnut. PS: remember to put a small fire in the porridge, and then pay attention.相关的主题文章:

Progress in the construction of Intercity Railway in the south of Sichuan Province for 42 months, Lu cagliari exchange

Kawaminami intercity railway construction progress in the period of 42 months Luzhou three station 7, a reporter from the Sichuan provincial government services and public resources trading center website was informed that the new southern Sichuan intercity railway Neijiang (micro-blog) to Zigong (micro-blog) to Luzhou (micro-blog, WeChat) front line engineering construction contract price bidding results in November 3rd opening November 7th to 11, successful enterprises entered the stage of publicity. This marks the South intercity railway Neijiang to Zigong to Luzhou line across the board to achieve substantial progress. The total construction period of 42 months, Luzhou set up three stations according to the southern Sichuan intercity railway from Neijiang to Zigong to Luzhou line, Chengdu passenger from Neijiang North Station (inclusive) by the Zigong station to Luzhou station (inclusive), the new line length of 128.659 kilometers, and the area of Neijiang, Zigong area, Luzhou area related projects. All located in the north of the Changjiang River, three yuan, Bai Maxi, Zigong, Fushun, Luxian County, east of Luzhou airport, the 8 stations, the total construction period of 42 months. Since September 21st, Neijiang to Zigong to Luzhou section of the preliminary design and construction plans approved, the intercity railway into the construction phase. In the early start (CN-4 stone to Luxian County) about 17 kilometers in substantive started in June 30th, all the remaining paragraphs station construction net tender results in November 3rd opening, 7, entered the stage of publicity. The public bidding results show that the bid for Kawaminami intercity railway from Neijiang to Zigong to Luzhou line, excluding pre start section of stone 16.93 km to Luxian County station project, the new line length of 111.727 km. The design speed of 250 km will become the Chengdu Chongqing third channel Kawaminami intercity railway company responsible person, the southern Sichuan intercity railway from Neijiang to Zigong to Luzhou line, Zigong to Yibin (micro-blog) lines, a total length of 212 km line. Among them, since the Luzhou line from Chengdu Passenger in JiangBei Railway Station via Zigong station to Luzhou station, a total length of 129 km, the railway passenger line class, double, the design speed of 250 kilometers per hour. According to reports, the southern Sichuan intercity railway project is completed, will be in Luzhou and planning of Chongqing and Kunming railway link, the formation of Chengdu Chongqing third channel. Kawaminami intercity railway will also be promoting the development of the integration of South Sichuan Economic Zone, to achieve global interoperability into the high-speed rail era, into the construction of Chengdu Chongqing city group, an important support project construction of the metropolis circle of South sichuan. Huaxi City Reader reporter Xu Qing相关的主题文章: