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"Non Cheng Meng" Grandpa want to be "duck king" Huang Lei circle of friends exposed – Sohu   entertainment; Huang Lei circle of friends exposed Sohu entertainment news "to" edge imperceptibly If You Are The One will usher in the 600th period, since its launch in 2010, on the stage of the comings and goings of thousands of male female guests, more nearly 300 of entering the marriage hall. Three star teachers for the majority of single youth matchmaking in private circle of friends is how to look like, I believe the audience must be quite curious! This program will give you the best friend Meng grandfather SECRET CHARM man Huang Lei’s friends, Huang Lei exposed chowhound attribute. In addition, Meng grandfather also exposed himself for many years to press the career ideal was when the king duck"! What happened on the scene, please look forward to tonight 21:10 Jiangsu satellite TV "edge to be the one"! Meng Fei joked that occupation is ideal when the "duck king" education of modern young people do not have this program have a monthly income of millions of "nouveau riche" male guests for more than 14 thousand can be sold on the day Roasted Duck intestines, self nicknamed "duck king". A nickname, the audience in an uproar, the old driver Meng Fei with a wicked smile said that this is a very people "envy" occupation, even joked about his life not what occupation ideal, this one is still in my heart, the pressure for many years, until finally the male guests today! I didn’t expect you to be like this! So poker-faced "nonsense" caused the audience laughed, Meng old driver you are saying what we really don’t understand! However, the male guest isstead character won praise Meng grandpa. Meng Fei to the male guests inspirational story of entrepreneurship education as an example, the contemporary young people to abandon the events do not come, do not want to do small things employment view, can’t have, to encourage young people like the male guests do not talk nonsense, do. If you are the one, the stage is not only love, but also full of positive energy! Huang Lei circle of friends is exposed and content of exposed male guests this program in such evaluation show delicacy chowhound attribute: the more what is missing is what love! Meng Fei expressed special approval, then the best embodiment of friends, watch the Huang Lei circle of friends, the content of exposure, Huang Lei said the teacher all day in the sun circle of friends to eat! Huang Lei catches us, it is because they are always shy to explain the nature of hungry, chowhound glance, many sisters finally found the reason of yellow kitchen fat! When it comes to the circle of friends, Meng Fei’s criticism of the unscrupulous article recently circle of friends, "do not turn not Chinese" series of soft, greatly Tucao, second congress accused the audience. Meng grandfather more bluntly in his circle of friends who forwarded delete friends! Meng grandfather said, circle of friends and clean environment far? More exciting content of the program, please look forward to this Saturday night 21:10 Jiangsu TV, the edge is not the one, the 600th phase of heavy attack!相关的主题文章: