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Mobile-Cell-Phone .munication world is flourishing with several branded handsets. Among smart phone brands, Nokia is one of the leading phone manufacturers. Nokia 1208 Pay As You Go Phone is a candy bar model which is very easy to use. The dimension is 4 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches which gives .pact and sleek look to the device. As .pared to other handsets, this device is lightweight too. Any one would feel .fortable in holding this device of just 77 grams. Visual treats of Nokia 1208 is .posed of LCD display which is really superb. The display appears with the resolution of 96 x 68 pixels and reflects over 65,000 colors. More and more clear images and appearance of texts can be enjoyed. Being a dual band based GSM handset, Nokia 1208 appears with good collection of polyphonic ringtones as well as vibrating alerts. In meting, phone can be put on vibrating mode to avoid any sound disturbance. From the list of polyphonic ringtones, phone can be personalised as per mood and personality. Moreover, MP3 files are also there among which users can opt for ringtones of the phone. The feature of built in speakerphone can help one to attend calls while doing some other work at the same time. Hands free .munication is the word which can be used for speakerphone feature. Caller ID and call timer are two smart .munication features. With ease, one can .e to know about the duration of calls and the person who is calling. The time tracker is a very nice feature for users. With this option, one can decide the duration one wish to call and thus can preset accordingly. After the specified time, calls can automatically get connected. The messaging features supports SMS facility. In the inbox, 60 SMS can remain safe. Owning Nokia 1208 means getting entertainment on the go. Good collection of embedded games can kill one’s boredom on the move. The organizer means to organise the daily routine of phone lovers. As such, with this handset, one can get options like alarm clock, basic calculator, calendar, countdown timer which can regulate daily routine work more wonderfully. Nokia 1208 pay as you go phone can be owned through online phone shops with ease. Number of network providers are there like Three, Virgin, T-mobile, Vodafone, Orange and O2. Their deals are very attractive and without any hassle, one can .pare features of Nokia pay as you go phones deals over phone .parison portals and go with the desired one. After the selection of network provider, users are simply needed to own the SIM card of desired provider and insert into phone. After these steps, one can get ready to participate in the .munication. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: