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No diamond have to embrace porcelain work really invulnerability explosion-proof tyre? Sohu, Sohu automobile auto high beam light explosion-proof tyre, as the name suggests is a description of the tire, many friends look at and say, "Oh, this guy I heard, also very cattle breaking, how will burst, rest assured." Do you want to say that you have to say you are a high too young too naï ve. Why? It is simple to understand, because no matter the world is absolute, it is the principle of bulletproof vehicle, bullet proof glass, do you think it really invulnerability? You do not understand the moment it does not matter, we can slowly understand, but to go to pit teammates, this thing we can not do! That is not why to call the anti burst explosion-proof explosion-proof tyre? This is not my tongue twisters, more than four Chinese grade exam. With that, the name of the name of explosion-proof tire flat tire, listen to the name to know, its role is to make the vehicle when the tire leakage occurs to a safe driving distance. May be due to businesses and individual media hype, it was stuck on the "exploding" such a mad pull cool? Fried day name. Speaking of anti tire, special wheeled transport vehicle is initially applied to the army, in order to deal with the destruction of shrapnel was born, after gradually extended to some politicians on the car. Even so, there is no real sense of explosion-proof tires, no matter from the design of the principle of the lack of gas and tire is the correct name. Since the explosion is not explosion-proof, then it is natural and eggs? Of course not, it actually has a very big role. As we all know, especially in the daily driving speed, the sudden burst will bring what kind of consequences will directly make the front tire lost control of the vehicle accident, this situation is generally not good save. Although the rear wheel causes the vehicle to lose the normal levels of trace, but the car structure, its relatively low accident rate of the front wheel. In this case, if the use of air conditioning and maintenance tires, he can also protect you with no more than 80km h speed of a distance. Comparison of the sudden burst out of control and life may bring hidden dangers, the lack of gas protection using tire safety and practicability of this remarkable. So why "explosion-proof tire" after losing pressure can continue to drive it? It has to start with its structure. In short, the tire is only to enhance the thickness of the tire wall, in the case of frustration can support the weight of the car and can travel at a considerable speed. The explosion-proof tyre is lower than ordinary "flat tire tire, and after the tire pressure loss, but also with a distance to help safely arrive at your destination or repair factory. Remember, just a short distance, if you want to keep going, then what can not afford to drag you toss. But there is one point to note, some due to lack of gas tires in the post bar is sometimes difficult to detect, so the best tire pressure monitoring collocation use, which is also conducive to faster discovery of tire abnormal, and eliminate the resulting risks as soon as possible. The explosion-proof tire is not explosion-proof, it can only make the vehicle high相关的主题文章: