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Niu Liyan "God" gun is a color – Entertainment Sohu will great lady rational rianne cattle River will Sohu entertainment news directed by Wang Fei and Du Xiubin, Zheng Yu, Liu Xiaofeng, Tianmu pictures produced, and Niu Liyan, Zhang Guangbei, Zhang Xiaojun starred in the TV series "artillery gun god" is CCTV hit eight. Focus on the bloody full male drama, Niu Liyan played a large background, tragic women’s rational not willful Li Mo lan. Although at first with Yang Zhihua as "enemy", but will listen to her brother’s arrangement to stay; facing the revenge devil Du Qingming, loved but sensible willing to wake up". In the life of Niu Liyan also did not a woman jiaochen, all kinds of hard filming all personally into battle, in order to capture the effect of not self willed. The personality of the Ming Guixiu cattle rianne perform different from the other comes from official family or business tycoon is a miss, played by Niu Liyan Li Mulan was born in a large, not spoiled and arrogant ills. From the worship of brother Li Qiubai, also from his brother uncles Dayi Ming understands style. In played by Zheng Yu Yang Zhihua as "escape" after a ransom for the elder brother she can tolerate quarrelsome lovers, the home stay in the face of the deep love; Du Qingming had been in a revenge curse cannot extricate oneself, she sensible see clearly is not willing to "break up" he woke up. Niu Liyan will be the superposition of multiple emotional Mu Lan fully demonstrated, characters’inner true feelings with their eyes and subtle movements, so that the audience can feel. Niu Liyan was not willful winter ice Pro Niu Liyan and battle play Mulan as self willed, hard play himself again. It is understood that the shooting scenes aired last night after the death of his brother Mu Lan desperate jumped in the river, when the rain, low temperature to 0 degrees, as early as before the start, on the river Dutch act of the play, directed by Wang Fei because of the actor’s safety and physical health reasons, and Niu Liyan to discuss to take this a scene, but she considered the characters are: the elder brother was killed, his revenge hopeless with the enemy’s children. In order to be able to figure at that time, feel downhearted bent to die more real performance, despite the cold weather, Li Yan insisted on shooting the bull jumped into the river to play, no substitute, decisive choice to wet water.相关的主题文章: