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New restart button Google Pixel on October 4th – Sohu IT168 (digital information) has been rumored Google will hold a press conference in October 4th, the official launch of the new Pxiel series of new machines. Now, this argument seems to have been confirmed to a certain extent. According to foreign media reports, Google has quietly released publicity preheat information, said it will hold a press conference in October 4th. Although it is not clear that the phone is new, and because of the appearance of the phone screen in the warm-up page, so no accident, then, the new Google Pixel series will be officially met with us at this conference. October 4th release of Google’s Pro son news has been fried hot, and outgoing news will be released in October 4th. And now, Google has quietly released preheat information, said it will hold a press conference in San Francisco in October 4th. Although the Google is not clear and specific to release new information, but as a result of the promotional video appeared in the mobile phone profile, and the 10.4 and the date of the G logo seems to presage a launch would be the legendary Google Pixel and Pixel XL two mobile phone. Compared to the previous Google’s "son", this year Google mobile phone in the name changed, completely abandoned the past brand Nexus, instead of Pixel with the same C plate Pixel series, and by HTC exclusive OEM, code name is Sailfish and Marlin, the official name for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, respectively, with 5 inch and 5.5 inch touch screen, but the shape of the mobile phone is just exactly the same, only small differences in the big screen. The new button to restart it is worth mentioning that, according to foreign websites AP said the latest disclosure, the new Google Pixel series not only will be equipped with the new Android7.1 system, but also increased the reset button, which will undoubtedly bring more convenience to the user’s daily use. As for the specific configuration of the two new machines, Google Pixel equipped with a 5 inches touch screen will support 1080p resolution, while the Google Pxiel XL will be equipped with 5.5 inches screen. But the two models do not have too much difference in the other specifications, are equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, and is the first batch of Xiaolong 821 models. Google Pixel and Pixel XL both have 4GB memory and 32GB storage capacity, and is equipped with 8 million pixel front camera and a 13 million pixel camera, and the latter also uses the same paragraph with the SONY IMX378 sensor. However, Google Pixel and Pixel XL is also different in battery capacity, which will be equipped with a larger capacity of 3450 MAH battery, and rumors will increase the 128GB version and cancel the 64GB capacity version. Price or higher as the price of these two Google new machine, although previously rumored Google Pixel XL will be sold for $649, but the latest disclosure of the message display,.相关的主题文章: