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Nearly 100 million students sleep less than 9 hours of authoritative statistics nearly 6 national primary and middle school students (nearly 100 million) sleep up to 9 hours of sleep deprivation causes standards prescribed by the state, in a long time, the work of extracurricular class time increased by > > EVA on what is the influence of long-term sleep deprivation can lead to immunity and memory decline and even affect the height growth will also cause the students can not concentrate in class learning, affect the results of sleep less than 9 hours of sleep "after 00" up to 57% "90" is an increase of 6.2 percentage points in time after "00" students average 8.1 hours exceed the standard 2.1 hours after "00" junior high school students average 11 hours to exceed the standard 3 study on Pupils’ homework time hours 0.7 hours exceed the standard of junior high school students exceed the standard 1 hours rest days exceed the standard 1.8 hours of junior high school students’ Extracurricular class time exceed the standard 2.3 hours after 00" Rest day class 2.1 hours outside the classroom is 90 times, from the time you stand in the doorway of high school, means that you can no longer see the sun during the day. Life in the night ends, only the eyes to accompany you……" This is a Changchun affiliated high school students Kiki’s diary. The Ministry of education students sleep time is 10 hours, students are not less than 9 hours while just on a high, but it has felt the heavy homework: one day a Chinese translation of classical mathematics, to complete the two plan, recite 1 English words, chemical finish the 2 page workbook, students writing notes and nucleic acid a small volume. Each department takes about 1 hours, from 5:30 to date, Kiki nonstop homework to finish before 12. This is the last day of the week less homework. Chinese Youth Research Center research project China development situation of children in Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai group, Shandong, Liaoning, Henan, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan and Shaanxi 10 provinces and 42 counties of 162 primary and secondary schools (the fourth grade primary school to junior middle school the third grade) survey, 9360 valid questionnaires were received. Among them, 53.1% pupils, 46.9% middle school students in urban and rural areas; half of the sample. 20, the Center released the survey data. Data show that in 2005 -2015 years, nearly 60% of primary and secondary school students lack of sleep for 9 hours. According to the National Bureau of statistics in 2014 the number of students in primary and secondary schools in the country more than 150 million people, lack of sleep nearly 100 million students. The survey shows that the study time of less than 9 hours of sleep time, up to 57% after the weekend, there are also a few of the "after 00" less than 9 hours of sleep, respectively, compared with 90 increased by 6.2 percentage points and 1.7 percentage points by the end of. Many students and parents said, homework, school time is long, is the main reason for lack of sleep in primary and secondary schools. 2008, the Ministry of education has issued a primary and secondary school students myopia prevention and control program, clearly stipulates that students sleep 10 hours, no less than 9 hours of high school students, and limit the amount of work and school time. But reporters found in the survey, the primary and secondary school students’ academic burden is still heavily. Survey shows that 00 after the primary school students than the proportion of time in school相关的主题文章: