National Day golden week these seven days almost every day in Jinhua rain 3344111

National Day golden week these seven days in Jinhua almost every day in the past three days, Jinhua shrouded in rain, Wucheng, Wuyi and other places also appeared heavy rain, the temperature has dropped significantly. Affected by the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" peripheral circulation, September 27th 8 to 29, 8, Jinhua city’s average rainfall of 53.7 mm, heavy rainfall mainly concentrated in central and southern areas of Wuyi County in Wucheng District, more than 100 mm has 20 stations, 4 stations have more than 200 mm. Counties (cities, districts) average rainfall: Wuyi 112.7 mm, 73.5 mm, Wucheng District Jindong 53.3 mm, Pujiang 52.8 mm, Panan 41.5 mm, Lanxi 39.2 mm, Yiwu 37.6 mm, Yongkang 30.1 mm, Dongyang 18 mm. Large rainfall: Yang Cun, Wucheng District Shafan village 238.7 mm, 211.9 mm, Ta Shi Xiang Wucheng Wuyi Kecun bamboo 211.7 mm, 211.5 mm, Wuyi Wucheng District Ruo Xintang village 194.6 mm. "Catfish" continue to weaken, the residual effects of clouds, today Jinhua will still have scattered rainfall, local rainfall is moderate. Meteorological Department reminded that due to the cumulative rainfall, landslides, mudslides and other disasters have a certain lag, please continue to strengthen prevention. National Day golden week is coming soon. Overall, the National Day holiday in Jinhua weather is not too bad, the first two days is basically cloudy to overcast sometimes have the rhythm of the rain, the number 3 by the cold and warm air together, there may be systemic precipitation. Other days are cloudy or cloudy to cloudy, local showers to mischief. Only need to guard against the eighteenth typhoon this year, "Siam hop". Jinhua municipal meteorological station is expected from the beginning of October 4th, "Siam hop westward in the process of external cloud, may bring the scattered precipitation. A rare holiday, I believe that many people have been ready to travel, but most parts of the country, the weather’s face does not seem too good. According to the Central Meteorological Station forecast, is expected from September 29th to October 8th, China has a wide range of rainfall, the eastern part of northwest, North West and North, northeast central and southern Huang Huai, southwest and other places in the East has 10 cumulative rainfall to 30 mm, locally more than 50 mm; Jianghuai, South East, east of Jianghan 50 ~ 80 mm, parts of 100 to 200 mm; the rainfall in most areas than normal ones from 4 to 8, more than 2 times the local. The next 10 days, the impact of China’s frequent cold air activity, and strong forces, the average temperature in most parts of northern China will be transferred from high to low. We have just mentioned the eighteenth typhoon "Chaba", is expected in October 3rd after gradually close to the ocean east of Taiwan. Although it has limited development space, but it is also possible to bring heavy rain. So, the National Day holiday, the southeast coast of the typhoon threatened, Yunnan Tibetan have Huaxi autumn rain in Northeast Xinjiang, a little cold, only the North northwest calm, to go out, not too many choices.相关的主题文章: