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The State Bureau of copyright infringement and piracy website will be incorporated into the "black list" pipe "bad boy" – Sohu culture channel in November 4, 2016, the State Copyright Bureau issued a "Circular on strengthening the network of literary works copyright management". The "notice" to further clarify the information through the network to provide literature and network service providers to provide network service obligations in the copyright management, refinement of the relevant laws and regulations of copyright, the national copyright administration is an important measure to strengthen the network literary copyright protection, is of great significance to regulate the network literary copyright order. Recently, the State Copyright Bureau copyright management division responsible person accepted the China news publishing radio and television reporter’s exclusive interview, the notice on the relevant issues were interpreted. Reporter: what is the background of the National Copyright Administration issued notice? A: in recent years, with the rapid development of digital technology and mobile Internet, the rapid development of the network literature industry in our country, the network literature creators, original works and the huge scale of network literature. According to statistics, as of the end of 2015, the scale of China’s Internet Literature users reached 297 million, the sign of online literature website about 2 million 500 thousand people, the daily amount of text works more than 150 million words, the largest domestic market share of the 31 major network literature website original works a total of about 11 million 680 thousand, is a large amount of literary works in the network publishing books or adapted into movies, games, animation, growing industry scale. However, the problem of copyright infringement of Internet literature is still very serious, which has a great impact on the healthy development of the industry. This year, the National Copyright Administration of positive response to the right voice, will hit the network literature piracy special rectification action as Jian Wang action key tasks, concentrate on strict regulation, requires all law enforcement departments to strengthen supervision of the website of literature copyright enforcement supervision, severely crack down through the web site, micro-blog, WeChat, Post Bar etc. without the authorization of illegal distribution network literature piracy, crack down on illegal acts through electronic business platform selling pirated books, audio-visual products, normalized by the browser, search engine etc. the dissemination of literary works behavior. Local law enforcement departments have dealt with the Jiangsu Suzhou "rain Literature Network Chongqing 269 novel network, Sichuan Shuangliu" light of the country ", Guangxi Nanning" energy-saving "network literature piracy case. In order to further strengthen the management of network copyright of literary works, the State Copyright Bureau drafted the "Circular on strengthening the" network literary copyright management, widely solicit opinions from all sides in November 4th after the issuance of. Reporter: "notice" norms of the main object? Answer: according to the "notice" and the effect of different types of network service providers in the dissemination of literary works the characteristics, functions, main specification of the object can be divided into two categories, one is the network service providers through the information network to provide direct literary works, such as the starting point Chinese network, palm reading book city; the other is the network service providers to provide network services to users through the information network dissemination of literary works, such as search engines, web browser, forum, SkyDrive, and micro-blog app store, Post Bar day相关的主题文章: