Nanjing to enjoy the autumn to pay close attention to! The remaining 20 C weekend this week mp7a1

Nanjing to enjoy the autumn to pay close attention to! The remaining 20 C weekend this week recently, many Nanjing residents to enjoy Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Shi Xiang Lu ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Zhao Jie photo Express News (reporter Xu Cen) this weekend does not go out to play, I’ll lose. The weather forecast that the modern express reporter in the long-term view, this may be the last weekend of Jiangsu in the second half and a warm weekend a little rain. 12 and 13, the highest temperature in Jiangsu is about 20 degrees celsius. Saturday is fine, a little bit of rain floating on Sunday, but also does not affect travel. And then, the temperature is difficult to pick up to more than 20 degrees celsius. Yesterday, we are not focused on empty shopping cart? If you take good care of the outside, you will find yesterday’s beautiful Nanjing. The morning is still low at about 6 noon, jump on the 18 C temperature reached 12 degrees! Chill loss, warm sun drying is comfortable. The value of the sky has risen, not only the blue sky, but also with the nature of the cloud. The clouds are very thin, like a scarf like random spreading. Visibility is also more than 25 km. This time, has come to the most beautiful season of Ginkgo biloba. Fallen leaves, with the bright sunshine, is a golden. Today, can be about 35 friends, to enjoy the autumn. The weather is awesome, temperature rise further. Jiangsu meteorological forecast, 12, the province’s high temperature around 19 degrees Celsius, along the river in South of Jiangsu are basically around the temperature of 20 degrees celsius. On Sunday, the weather is worse than Saturday, most of the day there will be showers. However, the meteorological observatory said little impact on travel, small partners can still go out to play. Temperature is relatively stable, along the South of Jiangsu 19 degrees Celsius, other regions around 17 degrees celsius. Meteorological station said that next week is not suitable for drying more showers. So the quilt, clothes, pay close attention to this weekend. Out of the autumn scenery, but also must take a wave! Because miss this week, such a good autumn weather, may have to wait another year! Taking Nanjing as an example, the modern express reporter view Chinese weather net long-term forecast, the next weekend in Nanjing not only have the rain, high temperature is only 11 degrees Celsius Sunday. Then, the weekend early temperature at 10 DEG C. However, we need to remind you that this week, while the warm sunny, the weather is also slightly dry, pay attention to moisture, drink plenty of water. Nanjing three days the weather today cloudy, southerly winds around 3 degrees, 9~20 sometimes overcast with light rain tomorrow night, overcast to cloudy, cloudy to overcast day 9~20 C 11~21 C.相关的主题文章: