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Nanjing heavy regulation of real estate market intermediary real number   two was transferred to the public security — real estate — original title: Nanjing heavy regulation real estate market two intermediary real number is transferred to the public security Southern News Network (reporter Gu Xiaoping) with the purchase and limited credit policy, the real estate market and developers sales behavior I thorough investigation is also escalating. Yesterday, Lishui district two intermediary companies selling fried number is the real estate sector survey, not only by the indefinitely stop net signed, involved intermediary personnel suspected of fraud has been transferred to public security departments, the case will be investigated for criminal responsibility. Under the double limit policy, limited to purchase, the loan is not limited to Lishui, Liuhe and other suburbs become investment "new battlefield", driven by interests also allow some intermediary companies "crimes against the wind". It is understood that Nanjing source Hui Home Development Company Limited is located in Yong Yang Zhen waterfront garden Indus court 02, 03, 18 days to open Yaohao sales, because demand is hot, "face to face" and "innovation" two real estate intermediary publicly called real buyers in the market. As long as the payment of 50 thousand yuan to 80 thousand yuan can buy a new house. According to the unannounced visits to the media to reflect the situation, Lishui real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office to investigate and publish relevant results from yesterday. Asked the two real estate intermediary immediately rectification was suspended indefinitely for signed formalities; involved intermediary personnel suspected of fraud was transferred to public security departments for investigation, once verified, will be investigated for criminal responsibility; the real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office next will be the two companies to be informed of the whole market irregularities. This year, the property market hot, the housing speculation phenomenon has a number of projects in Hexi area It is often seen., the real price to 300 thousand yuan howl. But in the market after the law enforcement process, the real estate sector due to the single action, for this kind of behavior to cancel the net signed and the punishment of processing. Since September this year, for the implementation of the regulation of real estate policy, to prevent false material and improper means to cheat or bad behavior forgery proof of purchase, the real estate market in our city comprehensive law enforcement office set up a special inspection team to purchase by the public security, civil affairs, social security and other departments related staff, for the applicant to submit proof of payment of personal income tax, marital status and other application materials for verification. "It is a multi agency intervention, punishment is" the knife with blood. ". Speculation because the real number was transferred to the public security department on suspicion of fraud or ‘first time’." An industry source told reporters. Reporters learned that, since the recent period, from the State Department of housing construction to the housing sector, the real estate agency market consolidation has maintained a high pressure situation". 25 this month, the Ministry of housing held regulate real estate intermediary for rectifying the market order teleconference, put the real estate intermediary have spread rumors, false information, earn price listings of seven kinds of illegal acts as the focus. At the meeting announced the recent investigation of the 30 real estate agencies around the list of violations, of which the United States and the United States in the real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. will be due to the violation of the public rental in the market for rental and was named". (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: