Nanjing college recruitment Gang village down to earth than people favored (video) bree daniels

Nanjing college recruitment Gang village down to earth "than people favored yesterday morning, Nanjing Yuhuatai District Hongqiao street race Long Fu community party branch deputy secretary Liu Zhen arrived in the province college admissions employment guidance service center to participate in recruitment. With her speeding recruitment of thousands of college students have village in our province, at least in the village for more than two years, but almost all 90. Earlier this month, Liu Zhen’s lonfu community party organization has just general. The original director assistant he was elected Deputy Secretary of Party branch. "Dry in the village for 4 years, from an ignorant student, don’t know how to speak and the villagers, now grown to take charge as chief of deputy secretary, to deal with the problem with ease, really thank college-graduate village official this platform." Liu Zhen told reporters, as a city community, in recent years the lonfu community changed a lot, the mature village cadres with their help to solve the problem, maotouxiaohuo. Meet difficult, village cadres taught them skills. The recruitment, the Party Organization Department also encourages people to participate in, choose more suitable for their own platform. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department cadre of a responsible person, Nanjing currently has 849 village committees, which served in the team there is about 300 people, growth for the leaders of village Party Secretary of more than and 30 people. Over the past few years by recruiting civil servants and institutions, many college-graduate village official flows to growth on a higher platform, this year alone more than and 50. The job fair, Nanjing organized more than 60 village officials to participate in, no matter what platform, I believe that this section of village officials have left them a lifetime of valuable wealth." For those in the countryside for at least two years of college student village official, the attitude of the unit to actively recruit. Agronomic group under the 7 farm delegation to recruit people, and devoted to college-graduate village official. Sanhe farm, an official told reporters that the biggest advantage of college-graduate village official can be hard, they are state-owned enterprises, the treatment is good, but because of relatively biased position, many students went out, college-graduate village official in the village exercise, down to earth, I believe certainly can well adapt to the. So the whole group has more than and 20 jobs. Provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the relevant person in charge, the special fairs total of 75 household registration units, issued a total of 1549 recruitment requirements, the provincial state-owned enterprises and the central enterprises in Jiangsu 25 units, ranking from the industry point of view, the financial industry demand the most exuberant post. Compared with 939 college students village officials, can be described as more than a few people, college students village officials can easily pick. Expansion of the video: the original text of the University of Jiangsu spring recruitment fairs: when prestigious graduates face well-known enterprises相关的主题文章: