My father grew old and cried, and my mother couldn’t help shedding tears superrecovery

Father "grow old" to cry, the children also can not help shedding tears, the weekend of parent-child activities, should always be accompanied by the children’s laughter sound. But the day before yesterday afternoon, in a Dongqian Lake hotel in Ningbo held this parent-child activities, mom and dad and the children cry into a piece. Why? The theme of the event was "Dad got older." the make-up artist on the scene painted dads with makeup, looking at the children’s reactions. Not only the children crying, even moms also couldn’t hold back my tears. "How old are we when we haven’t seen each other clearly?"." A mother choked, and said. The mother didn’t hold back her tears: she was concentrating on the children, but ignoring your father!" And mom to wear the past, to the future "time gate", 4 year old girl Cola saw the father is not far away, immediately ran over. But when coke ran to his father, he suddenly realized that his father was completely different: his face or his face, but his hair, beard and eyebrows were white, and his face was wrinkled…… The little girl suddenly shocked, staring up to dad sitting on the mouth of a choke a choke, some red eyes, silent without saying a word. The cola mom who followed me looked at her husband, and tears came out: "I’ve been concentrating on the children, but I forgot to look at the people around me." With coke and coke mom, face up to "Daddy gets older", and 5 other groups of families. 4 year old girl Princess saw the father, a sudden wail up, shouting "I don’t get old dad". Dad hugged the baby and tried to comfort her. And the drill with makeup dad, see the child’s moment, can’t help yourself, the eye socket is red. For a while, the scene really cried into a piece. Seeing the scene to control, the staff quickly told the children, dad is only the magician changed to "future", there is magic "magic potion" can turn daddy back. As soon as the words were heard, the children immediately ran to fetch water from the small basin, and carefully helped the father wash the makeup on the face one by one. See daddy a little bit back to the original appearance, the children’s tight face just a little stretch out. "Grow old" dads are feeling: the years can not stay, accompany your time is too little, this "cry into a piece" of activities, what does it mean for children? Yesterday, the reporter contacted several families to participate in the activities, and asked their children’s reaction, and found that the children of the father "getting old" this thing, but very serious. For example, 4 year old girl cola, seriously asked her mother a few questions: "is dad really getting old?"" Do you die when you get older?" She ran to her father and said, "don’t get old."." Another child named "the child" was an action group. After the activity, he got up in the morning of the second day and hugged his father. He reminded him, "Daddy, you should do more mask in the future."." The 3 year old drill wrote a letter to her father before sleeping, but she did not know the word, and she used her own original words. No one could understand what she wrote…… This special event, in the circle of friends was praised countless, many parents want to have the opportunity to experience. Coke mother told reporters, cola dad because of the relationship between work,.

爸爸“变老”惹哭孩子 妈妈们也忍不住流下眼泪 周末的亲子活动,应该是总伴随着孩子们的欢笑声的。但前天下午,在宁波东钱湖一家酒店里举行的这一场亲子活动,爸爸妈妈却和孩子们哭成一片。为什么?这场活动的主题是“爸爸变老了”,现场的化妆师给爸爸们画上了老年妆,想看看孩子们的反应。结果不但孩子嚎啕大哭,连妈妈们也忍不住流下眼泪。“我们还没好好看清楚对方,怎么就变老了呢。”有位妈妈哽咽着,这样说。妈妈也没忍住眼泪:专注孩子,却忽略了你“爸爸!”和妈妈一起穿过去往未来的“时光门”,4岁的小姑娘可乐看见等在不远处的爸爸,马上飞奔过去。然而当可乐跑到爸爸面前时,却突然发现眼前的爸爸完全不一样了:脸还是那张脸,可是头发、胡子、眉毛都白了,满脸都是皱纹……小姑娘一下子愣住了,呆呆着爬到爸爸身上坐着,嘴角一憋一憋,眼角有些红,沉默着没说一句话。后面跟上来的可乐妈,看了一眼自己的丈夫,眼泪一下子出来了:“我一直专注孩子,却忘了看看身边的人。”和可乐、可乐妈一起直面“爸爸变老”的,还有其他5组家庭。4岁小女孩格格看见爸爸时,一下子嚎啕大哭了起来,喊着“我不要爸爸变老”。爸爸赶紧抱住孩子,一个劲地安慰她。而带妆的钻钻爸爸,看到孩子的一瞬间,自己就忍不住,眼圈都红了。一时间,现场真是哭成一片。眼看场面就要控制不住了,工作人员赶紧告诉孩子们,爸爸只是被魔法师变去了“未来”,有神奇的“魔法药水”可以把爸爸变回来的。一听这话,孩子们马上积极地跑去用小脸盆打水,认真帮爸爸一点一点地洗掉脸上的妆。看爸爸一点点变回原来的样子,孩子们紧绷的脸才一点点舒展了开来。“变老”的爸爸们很感慨:岁月留不住,陪你们的时间太少这个“哭成一片”的活动,对孩子们来说意味着什么?昨天,记者联系了参加活动的几个家庭,问问他们孩子的反应,结果发现,孩子们对爸爸“变老了”这件事,看得可是非常严重。比如4岁的小姑娘可乐,很严肃地问妈妈几个问题:“爸爸是真的变老了吗?”“变老了会死吗?”她跑去告诉爸爸:“你不要变老。”另一个叫格格的孩子是个行动派,参加完活动后,第二天早上起来特意去拥抱着爸爸提醒他:“爸爸,你以后要多做面膜。”3岁的钻钻则在睡前给爸爸写了一封信,只是还不认识字的她,用的是自己独创的文字,谁都看不懂她到底写了什么……这次特别的活动,在朋友圈被点赞无数,很多家长都希望能有机会进行体验。可乐妈妈告诉记者,可乐爸爸因为工作的关系,常常是几周甚至一个月才能回家一次。这次也是特意抽时间来参加的。结果当他真的画上老年妆,抱着孩子时,突然非常感慨:“陪伴家人的时间太少了,挺遗憾的。”这次活动是想提醒大家亲情的重要为什么要搞这么一场活动?这次活动组织方工作人员王小姐说,爸爸变老的创意,其实之前在网上已经有过。他们举行这次活动,是想提醒大家,更重视一家人的相处。王小姐说,现在不少家庭中,陪伴在孩子身边的往往是妈妈,爸爸不是忙工作就是在家玩手机,打游戏。“这种‘单亲式’教育,或者夸张点说就是‘丧偶式’教育中,爸爸的位置经常是缺失的。就比如在以往的亲子活动中,几乎都清一色妈妈陪孩子来。”而举行这次活动,就是为了让孩子认识到爸爸的重要,也是让爸爸意识到陪伴孩子的重要性。“生活中,忙碌的我们为了给孩子更好的条件而打拼,但作为父母,也要一直记得:对孩子来说,父母相爱,一起陪伴,才是最好的教育。”王小姐说。相关的主题文章: