Middle school female teacher improper parking 3 injured students injured no danger in Beijing-jinshen

Middle school female teacher improper parking 3 injured students injured no danger – Beijing, Nanfang Daily News (reporter of the Navy) on the morning of 23, a second high school students on campus this morning in Jieyang was hit by a car, said the teacher mistakenly stepped on the accelerator caused by the post circulated on the internet. Small video reporter by netizens posted to see, in a large number of onlookers in the scene, there are 3 students lying on the ground, parked not far from the black car driver’s door open. The reporter then contacted the Jieyang Municipal Education Bureau learned that the school does have students are female teachers are not careful when driving injured, but the injured students no danger. 23 at 3:30 or so, the Jieyang Municipal Bureau of education sent to reporters on the Jieyang high school students in the case of accidental injuries introduced second. According to reports, the 23 day at 9:15, Jieyang second middle school (15) class during the free sports class, some students in the school building before the iron railings, when there is a female teacher driving small cars to pull over, due to improper operation, injured three students. After the accident, the school leaders and teachers rushed to the scene disposal, immediately call 120, the injured students sent to Jieyang City People’s Hospital, the hospital diagnosed, 3 students without danger, is now in the hospital for a comprehensive examination and treatment. "Introduction" also said that after receiving the report, Jieyang City Bureau of education attaches great importance to the leaders in charge of the first time rushed to the scene to understand the situation, visit the injured students, relatives and appease the students good coordination disposal. Secretary Chen Yuwen immediately made arrangements, one is to do a good job in treatment of injured students; two is the parents of the students were injured in stable mood, good appease; three is to require the city’s schools should take this as a warning, to further strengthen the school safety hazard investigation and remediation and students safety education, safety management, earnestly do a good job of campus. Currently, all aspects of the incident school order normal.相关的主题文章: