Men’s zero down payment to buy 800 thousand Porsche paid the company lost money brock lesnar

Men’s zero down payment to buy 800 thousand of the money to pay the company lost the text of the Henan Chinese commercial news reporter Cheng Yalong and pay a $60 thousand car, after January, the company found missing." 13 days, Anhui man Xiao Yu to the Henan Daily reported, the day before, he saw on the Internet "zero Shoufu mortgage refinancing Car Buying, but after the news, from Anhui to Zhengzhou to buy a car, pay 60 thousand yuan after the company disappear without a trace. Do you accompany Henan daily survey found that have the same experience and at least 30 people with little more than the company earlier this month has been included in the business sector the exception list blacklist. The manager said that the company’s management heart, resulting in the relocation, the new site is being renovated, new business customers can choose a refund. Reflect pay 60 thousand yuan money sell car Car Buying nobody in October 7th, more than a small man in Anhui on the Internet to see the "zero Shoufu Car Buying, can mortgage refinancing after the advertisement is ready to buy a new car price of about 160 thousand yuan of his heart"". The advertising salesman left the telephone consultation telephone, ask the procedures required after he took the identity card, account of this and other documents, the day arrived from Anhui, Zhengzhou Agricultural Road International Business Center upstairs a named "Henan city car sales Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: 100 city company) the company for business. "The first pay a deposit of 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan of bank staff visits fee." Xiao Yu said that due to their own bank water is not enough, the same day and handed over 1000 yuan, the company commissioned the bank to handle the flow of business. Xiao Yu said, because zero Shoufu to Car Buying, also for the month, the second day, he has to pay a down payment Car Buying way, and pay 45 thousand yuan Car Buying first payment to the company. After the clerk said the need for temporary residence permits, the normal handling of the need for six months, and they can quickly handle, pay 5000 yuan just wait for 15 days. Before and after the payment of 60 thousand yuan more than a small, see the company has a business license, they will be assured of a bold home waiting for news. However, after half a month, a few times after the phone, so I think the company may have a small problem. "A few calls, the company salesman Lin Yu (a pseudonym) have not yet run, and so on and so on." Xiao Yu xiao. In November 5th, again from Anhui to Zhengzhou more than a small, found that the company has to handle their own and disappear without a trace, before the business of the company staff Lin Yu, the phone is also turned off. Call the company door on the statement "the company expansion has been relocated below left the phone, the other a manager reply to this time is delayed. 30 activists visited Henan daily office with foreigners is more than the king visited the learned, with little more than have the same experience, there are more than and 30 people. Most of them are in October, one hundred city car sales company to the "thousands" to "tens of thousands" unequal costs, relocation, and each time the telephone contact, also obtained are similar to the "busy" "business trip tomorrow reply speech shirk. Mr. Cheng Zhejiang Ningbo to the company at the end of September, the Commission to "zero Shoufu Car Buying, mortgage" way to purchase a $800 thousand worth of Porsche cars, pay ten thousand yuan after the return to Ningbo news. When I arrived in Zhengzhou in November 7th, the company has no one. ministry相关的主题文章: