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The first grade "Meng Ziyi" the first grade "in imitation of Lin Chiling sharp questions riposte – Sohu entertainment" the first grade "Mencius Yi debate" Meng Ziyi from the first grade "in imitation of Lin Chiling Meng Ziyi as a Sohu in the entertainment news photo broadcast this Saturday?" the graduation season, students for the actors in this industry "training" and "non trained students" which is more likely to succeed the proposition for a debate open up a fresh outlook. Meng Ziyi as a debate hand hit the ground running, with three to two score won the first round of the match. The rules of the game is to students while imitating celebrity role, while standing as the "role" perspective on this argument, it is difficult. In the "for the role of Lin Chiling" on the choice of Meng Ziyi to the role of accurate grasp and image imitation, won the mentor Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung unanimously favored. The game, Meng Ziyi logical point of view is clear, in the face of affirmative questions "(Lin Chiling) in addition to what you will do will play beauty?" When quickly cited the "decisive battle brake Mazhen" example to refute; and to practice "" you have no sharp questions in theory, "I think we are in practice theory, then according to the theory and practice of" escape the trap riposte. During the interview, Meng Ziyi also said that his character is actually very urgent, but the thought of the kind of offensive character that Lin Chiling can not be too positive to refute them. See her on the role of background knowledge and character to do the homework. Elegant and generous attitude and the role of the characters in the role of the students and the teacher’s unanimous approval. In the final stage of the debate of shelling, the atmosphere was lit up, the two sides for high refused to compromise, the debate is not yet known whether results, Meng Ziyi and students formed the opposition can win the final victory? Lock up every Saturday night 22:00 Hunan TV "first grade graduation season"!相关的主题文章: