Men drink rape neighbor 10 year old girl fled to work in Quanzhou was arrested sunny came home

Drunk man raped neighbor 10 years old little girl escaped to work in Quanzhou was arrested in Quanzhou evening news agency APP- Quanzhou November 2nd news (reporter Wang Lihong correspondent Li Jinyu Ventura) half a year ago, Guizhou man Zhang back to Guizhou Bijie home relatives to participate in the banquet, drunken malicious initiation, the rape of a 10 year old neighbor girl. That night, Zhang fled to Guizhou a few months ago, he came to Quanzhou to work, the morning of 11, he was the Licheng Public Security Bureau police station police arrested linjiang. The 45 year old Zhang after the crime has fled to Yunnan, Guangxi to hide, and then to Quanzhou to work, he used pseudonyms in the work site, and that from Jiangxi. The riverside police station through technical means of working in a construction site learned that Zhang Ze, 2 in the morning, the police came to the site will be arrested. After the arrest, Zhang explained, the little girl’s house next to his family, whose parents are migrant workers, the grandparents are not at home, the little girl to know him, he opened the door, he will be forced into the mountain to carry away, after the rape. Yesterday afternoon Zhang was sent to the detention center, waiting to be handed over to the Guizhou police for further processing. (Quanzhou Evening News Agency)相关的主题文章: