Men and women get along with the 9 taboos, you violated it

Men and women get along with the 9 taboos, you violated it? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: wood Tutu, we all know that the opportunity to meet two people are so small, so when you meet, you should cherish! Men and women get along with the 9 taboos, you violated it? But it’s hard for two people to fall in love, as Tiger Huang sings, "it’s not so easy to fall in love, everyone has his temper."". Love is not so easy, but if you get along, pay attention to some taboos, or can get along very well yo! Do not believe it, you look at it! Take love as a matter of course love taboo 1: the existence of love as a matter of course do not take love as a matter of course, to be vigilant in mind. Hold the hand love taboo 2: hold cards don’t feel too early for people Taoxintaofei, that one is at the expense of the mind, or have seen through the early, don’t spend that love, love is not the thing to kill. Personal space love taboo 3: there is no personal space between couples to have a personal space. Hurt each other love taboo: 4 under the banner of love to hurt each other love you, you are not hurt each other’s reason, don’t hold the banner of love, to explain their selfish and idiot behavior, so that the people who love you will be far from you. Focus on love taboo 5: staring at the shortcomings of drawbacks of "no gold is pure, no man is perfect, don’t stare at each other’s shortcomings, the more care will enlarge shortcomings, form a contradiction. Communication love taboo 6: when you do not want to communicate more lovers to communicate with each other, so that the other side to understand your thoughts and ideas, will make love become simple and comfortable. Change the other love taboo 7: change each other in love, two people more or less will be some changes, it is good, don’t be too tough to ask each other change for you. Do not believe in love taboo 8: do not trust the lover of the most taboo or do not trust each other, a lot of the origin of the contradiction is not to believe each other. More trust in the lover, will give TA a feeling of being respected, so that love becomes easy, warm. Figure 9: love taboo always to be calculated to calculate their love or less pay or pay less, this is a step to calculate how many days can go. (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: