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"Meet Wang Lichuan" domestic Romance Drama breaking Enlightenment — entertainment channel — by Thule culture media produced and directed by Chen Mingzhang, the godfather of idol, love God Shi dingrou personally penned original screenwriter, Gao Yixiang Jiao Junyan, CO starred in "meet Wang Li Sichuan", a drama clean effect in the summer, and ratings from both bursting, depending on the platform hits has reached 1 billion. Sincere heart, conscience acting lines play in the 9 super high watercress once. Despite the ending, dart non-stop popularity make "Wang Lichuan" to meet a variety of topics, the tragic outcome is collective grief, causing fans away making news also arouse a ripple. Since the great joy to extremely sad artistic identity producer "blade" Shi dingrou "met Wang Lichuan" broadcast, two male and female repeatedly topped micro-blog popularity and actor network popularity rankings, users have to refer to this is "sweet greasy, abuse to despair" extreme anti poor drama, this is it implies the whole drama of the creation intention, in great joy to very sad in great contrast, the best effect of art, drama preserves the original sweet part at the same time, the open ending form, also fitted to the main problem of the "Move on". A tragic ending, minute break "fans eager to complete the heart. But in fact, very few people know more details behind the scenes, screenwriter Shi dingrou originally planned to present a good ending, with Li Chuan to propose closing pelle. But the producer Zhou Tian believes that such a happy ending, although meet the audience favorite reunion taste, but the lack of thinking and elaborate, the written "Li Chuan Pelle" story of the past way, didn’t get a better play. After deliberation with the director deliberations, blade threat screenwriter, ending with an open ending. The "meet Wang Lichuan" reached from joy to extremely sad artistic identity finally appeared in the end of the heart burst fans. In fact, the extreme contrast artistic effect, become the key to heart anxious, also let the drama of a lot of imagination. Some fans make up psychological expectations but enough to point the day and await for it is good news for fans, "met Wang Lichuan" is taken out of the original plan, possible even in. But the outcome is likely to the satisfaction of all scenarios, whether Pelle gave birth to twins, to share the good life and has greatly attracted Li Chuan, the expectations of all parties. After ending, LETV click volume also led the industry thinking, which pays attention to detail is to break the traditional fast food series "prisoner’s dilemma", into a more humane temperature transfer, such as TV Pelle room main color is blue, is also the director personal favorite, and the character is more consistent a double chin Qiangjing; the cat, the staff but also personal pet. "Meet Wang Lichuan" ending time, sound is still strong, breaking 1 billion hits as the music brings not only the play’s echo, breaking the domestic drama more enlightenment of "prisoner’s dilemma", bring good content true good ratings, return to the most basic knowledge of TV drama production, the stream came is the time. )相关的主题文章: