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.puters-and-Technology Another option to choose in data backup is what we called the hard drive image backup which is an advanced method of file and data backup. It provides a better feature in giving faster speed and accurate data backup which is definitely different from files-based method of making backup copies of files. Though, it is promising on what it could offer, it has its own disadvantages as well to be tackled down below. Disk Image or Image backup is famous to those big .panies who want to get a loop of backing up their entire hard drive. It is because it is one of the most convenient ways to have the whole data backup in making a mirror copy for the entire hard drive. And we are talking of large amount of files to be stored. Probably the most key advantage of hard drive imaging is the capability to back up the entire operating system. This is very vital in the protection against .plete hard drive failure, because simply recovering a file backup entails that the operating system is functioning correctly which should be set up from scratch. An image backup restoration allows the system to be in a working state in a span of minutes. We all know that disk imaging makes a backup copy of the entire hard drive that means the whole operating system itself. That is why many find it more convenient of their .puter system adopting the same method to keep their files having a backup. It is known that simply copying a program from one .puter to another will make it working. You have to reinstall the software from scratch to make it functional. In the disk imaging method, it can assure you that the operating system will also work in the mirror copy of the hard drive. Advantages of Image Backup For those who are fond of testing different hardware on .puters, disk imaging is definitely a great help for these tech savvy people. The principle in disk imaging is the same in all hard drive cloning software. Does, the data or files that have been copied from the original hard disk after it is has been imaged are guaranteed to be the same or similar. Disk imaging set up is favorable if you have multiple identical .puters for your business. Disadvantages of Image Backup Different form the .mon file-based backup, drive imaging may not be a favorable option for those who only want specific files to backup. The method does not require a query from the file system, so determining the important sectors is not possible. It is because, the full hard drive needs to be backup or reimage and that would require more disk space as well as time and effort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: