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Network-Marketing Is the Magnetic Sponsoring book by Mike Dillard worth the investment?? People who have a home business are looking for effective ways to market their business and advertise for little to nothing; or more so for free. The sales page made it sound like everything that I was looking for; magnetically attracting others to me instead of me hunting high and low for the right business partners to join me in my business adventure; I would finally find a way to be able to have others contacting me, with no advertising expense. I had the thought that I had finally found what would make it "easier for me" to find others that were interested in working from home. So, I bought the book at the price of $39, which included free shipping, which I thought was expensive for the actual 48 pages of content. I had bought the book on a Thursday night and received it on a Tuesday afternoon, so I thought they had very fast shipping and was very pleased at that. Within about 2 hours I had the book read from cover to cover, including all of the first 3 pages of testimonials. The book started out sounding like everything else that I have read or information that I already knew but most start out this way. Once I got to the middle section of the book, I was feeling really good about my purchase and what I was fixing to learn that would be new to me and would help propel my business to new heights; as it was leading up to my solution. Then came the end of the book, which is where my disappointment came in. From what I gather, you promote his Magnetic Sponsoring book, system and other marketing materials that he has created, putting your leads into the free site that they give you, you make money from the sales that you make from marketing his products, which then gives you money to advertise your business; so essentially your advertising cost for your business is free. Now, say that again!! I have several problems with this. First off, it makes more sense for me to market my business instead of his products…either way, I have to spend advertising money, so if I am going to spend money to advertise, then it would be to advertise my business and not his products. Two, I didn’t see his book as a solution to any networkers’ marketing problems. Even with how his sales page laid the book out; that this would be a way to generate your own free leads and advertise your business for free, he doesn’t go into telling you how to market your business or his products either. So, you would still be out of money in marketing either his products or your business in advertising cost. Maybe Mike sees this as a product for people to sell, for those that don’t already have a product or aren’t already involved with a home business .pany to make money with. They won’t have a need to join any other home business .pany and eventually he can get you to join him in his downline with the .pany that he is with. You make money selling his products and you are happy; he makes sales, he gets more leads into his system and he is happy. This, however, didn’t look like a solution to others that already have a product or business that they are looking to market. OH…and here is the real kicker, your leads that you put into his system is now his leads!! I am still interested in Mike Dillard’s other programs that he sells, such as his MLM Traffic Formula and his newest, Building on a Budget; which is suppose to show people how to get a new business up and profitable for less than $500. So just because his Mage.ic Sponsoring book wasn’t for me or the information that I was looking for, it could very well be somthing that would met your needs. "Don’t ask for it to be easy, ask for it to be worth it"…now I know what people mean when they use that saying. Opinions vary, so this is just my opinion, the Mag.ic Sponsoring book was not what I was looking for after all. Does the solution to marketing your home business for free exist?? Does free advertising exist?? When you are looking to market your product or business, find a marketing system that will generate your leads for you by marketing yourself first, then your products or business. Don’t market other people’s products to grow your business. Angela About the Author: 相关的主题文章: