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Love luxury love big flower? Qianlong’s aesthetic really so "village children"? (Figure) – wide Beijing recently circulated on the network of Qianlong aesthetic articles, the article thinks "Qianlong love luxury, but his father Yong Zheng loves minimalism". Figure for the text screenshot. Beijing, Beijing, September (reporter Song Yusheng) recently, Emperor Qianlong’s fans of the aesthetic has become the object of Tucao users. Circulating on the Internet an article is quite extensive, the author compares Qian Long and Yong Zheng during the period of the porcelain porcelain, and that "Qian Long love luxury, but his father Yong Zheng loves minimalism". The emperor Qian Long and Emperor Yong Zheng have aesthetic really a world of difference? In the history of the two dynasties of Yong Zheng and Qianlong, the works of art and artifacts really have such a big difference? Reporters conducted a visit. The Emperor Qianlong bowl from this aesthetic Tucao a picture — a small bowl and a Yong Zheng Dynasty Qianlong was placed in a small bowl of red, Yong Zheng wall, look elegant atmosphere, and then draw on the outer wall of the bowl in the complicated patterns, users are considered to be the "peasant music aesthetic". In addition, the article also cited a number of Qianlong period is quite "fancy" porcelain. Thus, users also began to Qian Longdi’s aesthetic taste was tucao. Some netizens bluntly, Qianlong and his father Yong Zheng’s aesthetic is separated by a black hole; there are also friends of the identity of the suspect Qian Longdi, the feeling is not like Qianlong (Yong Zheng) biological". More users to fill out the brain in the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty as the background of the "Yi Zhuan" as the story, such as "Hope" Yi biography "according to real Qianlong aesthetic to shoot. "This comb was quiet and not good, wearing jade, wearing large flowers." What does the white wall mean? Wallpaper paste. Fill the Queen’s house with wallpaper And? "His design looks like a child like pee from the booth in the home, you look at the emperor." "Well, I have to make a same!"". Micro-blog users screenshot. At the same time, "the aesthetic" Qianlong "has become the users of the" farmhouse aesthetic "euphemism. However, in the eyes of scholars in history, Wang is not such a "no aesthetic" of the emperor, and he was also popular at that time, "the aesthetic taste of music," said. Study in an interview Beijing Chinese Academy of Social Sciences History Research Institute deputy director Yu Hongliang Qing (WeChat public number: cns2012) said in an interview with reporters, in Jingdezhen, in addition to the Royal Porcelain, there are large kilns in the production of commercial products". "This is mainly to meet the Jiangnan society, rich and wealthy family, ordinary scholar bureaucrats preferences." The Chinese version of the five volumes of "Chinese history". The Chinese version of the five volumes of "Chinese history" pointed out that the development of the history of Qing Dynasty, to dry (long) Scarlett (IP) is bounded, roughly divided into two stages. "Before the 1.5 century, both political and economic, military, or social and culture, mainly for the overall upward trend; in later, due to the double impact of the crisis, is gradually fading." Fish loudly told reporters, because of the social and economic prosperity in the Qianlong period, "these things on society (of porcelain art) to complex)相关的主题文章: