Lol anchor insurance accident due to health problems he escaped unharmed tda7294

LOL anchor insurance accident due to health problems he escaped in a micro-blog ash today, said the traffic accident nearly, and the friends of the two separated heaven. Do not know if you have encountered, the dream has actually occurred in the. This is not LOL, well-known anchor Kathleen encountered such a thing. According to the ash revealed that a little more early this morning, because his friend Kathleen dreamed of some bad things, then contact the ash and let him pay attention to points. At first the ash didn’t care, but really had an accident. This morning the ash to the airport, but because the body is not good and the rest is not good, this is called a friend for him to go. Didn’t expect the car rear ended at high speed. Two cars hit very serious, especially the most serious copilot position. He is also survived a difficult, because if you go to the airport, he must sit copilot. Lucky friend ash is nothing. He also said that this year he finally is very unlucky, I hope this year to stop what happened, also hope that everyone can be safe and healthy. Kathleen started Netizens feel joking, find the truth later after wisdom have said: brother you can’t die ah. It is said that the human brain has the ability to predict, but has not been developed. Some scientists have said: "the human brain utilization rate is only about 2%", that is to say that most of the brain are dormant, so the prediction of this function is only occasionally activated. What do you think about this?相关的主题文章: