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Local blind project   industrial poverty distorted — real estate — people.com.cn original title: local blind industry distorted with poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation deepening, industrial poverty is becoming in many areas from the "one-time relief" to "first choice of sustainable poverty". However, the "Economic Information Daily" reporters before the investigation in poor areas in Guizhou, Ningxia, toured the Henan found that at the grassroots level in the implementation of industrial poverty alleviation policy process, due to the lack of investigation and study, the style is not real, individual areas of industrial poverty distorted industrial development of arbitrariness, lack of deep processing industrial chain. Some of the key nodes of restricting industrial poverty alleviation development also need to increase the intensity of. Industry led the villagers out of poverty in well-off society according to the plan, "13th Five-Year" period, Chinese more than 30 million poor rural population will support poverty through the industry, and provide a steady source of income is to be relocated, medical education, ecological protection of the masses out of poverty. In the specific practice of the grassroots level, some of the industry can be copied to promote poverty alleviation model gradually formed, initially showing a strong industry, the people benefit, the revitalization of the village situation. In Guizhou County of Meitan Mei Jiang Zhen He Tao Ba Cun, pan mu tea with green light. Osmanthus trees, cherry trees, chestnut trees dotted in the rows of tea, small tiles, wear Doufang, carved windows, white wall type "North Guizhou houses" are located in the green tea. "A few decades ago, our local villagers eat the corn meal, live wood tile, travel on the shoulder and back, poor life has so many villagers and migrant workers." Walnut dam village Party Secretary Chen Tingming said, in order to change the poor situation of every kind of corn every year, Walnut Village decided to "branch way with Party members, Party members and cadres and cadres with the masses" to "take a grain of tea". "When the government in financial distress cases into two three million yuan funds to help our development of tea industry, the village committee in accordance with the land use planning, seedling cultivation, tea money, tea production and processing five unified model to implement the tea industry development." Chen Tingming said, give money to food, it is better to attract rich industry." The walnut dam now, 868 villagers per capita 3.5 acres of tea plantations, the per capita income of 15 thousand yuan, the village collective assets amounted to about 90000000 yuan, the village only 29 households, because the body of mental disability in poor households, more than 95% villagers realize village employment and entrepreneurship, and has a radiation Zunyi city tea trading center. Villagers Liu Guolun 32 acres of tea plantations, the annual income of more than 200 thousand yuan before the villagers said, penniless, a hard corn food and clothing, because selection of the industry, the government provides a better public services, more livable city than walnut dam, which in the past would not dare to think. In addition to the tea industry, "12th Five-Year" period, Guizhou has invested 6 billion 900 million yuan of industrial poverty alleviation funds, according to the development of Chinese herbal medicines, walnut, grassland animal husbandry, fine fruit ten poverty industry, covering more than 5 million households each year, attracting hundreds of thousands of migrant workers return home employment, many have become leaders of industry out of poverty. In Ningxia, Xiji County, Jingyuan County, the potato yellow cattle in Longde County medicine)相关的主题文章: