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"Larry" Liu Ye hunt "domineering contract battle autumn files also hunt" poster Liu Ye "my war" poster Liu Ye portrait of Sina entertainment news coming Mid Autumn Festival, after the Shanghai International Film Festival won the "best actor Jin Jue" Liu Ye, in the fierce fighting of the Mid Autumn Festival files released two films, were in September 14th, "the murderer who also," September 15th "my war". Although the two works of different stories, different roles, but in the filming process, Liu Ye has experienced many thrilling moments, every real desperately, "Larry", also brought two unique taste of the movie feast for the audience. "My War:" I want to fly higher "my war" in the background of a war movie, Liu Ye plays nine and sun Beichuan, led the whole company soldiers fought a bloody war in the cruel battlefield. In the film he rough personality, is a worthy of the name of the man, the final victory in the heroic sacrifice. The film has many of the shock of the war and the blasting scene are real shooting, for which Liu Ye is not in danger. In order to screen and the whole film integrity, Liu Ye has been the battle personally, refused to use avatars. In the earlier period of exposure in the shooting, Liu Ye was blown up after a few laps in the air landing screen is very shocking, the audience for his dedication point of praise: "this president is to fly higher rhythm? Sauce shener situation is really not adhere to their own beat SEI, the actor is the actor!" "The murderer is:" me and my stubborn pride if I say "war" in Liu Ye’s "hot blooded man", then "Xing also" in that he is a "native Chinese brown". In this film, Liu Ye is stubborn to some "shaft" mechanic second song, in order to find the murderers from suspects, launched a complex trace. In this play, Liu Ye also very spell. The car chase, at 5000 meters above sea level, open road open scrap vehicle shooting, very thrilling; for the second song made this role more full, as people in the northeast of Yunnan. He worked hard, the whole Yunnan dialect appeared extremely into a sense; and some scenes he and pig is a classic. For this role, Liu Ye admitted: this role is really the type I have never encountered before, suffered a lot of suffering." And someone said, "thank you still remember my idol type, but the actor for the role modelling some sloppy also never mind." (commissioning editor: hidden)相关的主题文章: