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Korea Red army generals: when the Red Army 1 and 1 enemy regiments break Korea Red army generals Bi Shiti, formerly known as Kim hoon, formerly known as Yang Zhouping, Yang Ning, Yang Lin, was born in 1898 in North pyongan. (map) Bi Shiti, formerly known as Kim hoon, formerly known as Yang Zhouping, Yang Ning, Yang Lin, was born in 1898 in North pyongan. In August 1910 the "Japan Korea annexation treaty" signed, Bi Shiti family and only 12 years old to join the struggle for national liberation, gradually grow into one of Pyongyang middle school sports leader. After being wanted by the Japanese colonial authorities, after Shiti in 1919 admitted to the secret to China, is located in Jilin Tonghua of North Korea patriots who founded the school attache. After graduating in 1920, he was ordered to Yanbian continue to struggle against japan. In October of the same year, he was 1 a clever ambush, killed Japanese commander, showing superb art of military command. But because of the struggle between the forces of wealth, North Korea had failed, after Shiti has thus realized: must be a common Japanese and Chinese people, in order to obtain the national liberation. So in June 1921 he rushed to Kunming, with "overseas Chinese" identity was admitted to the Yunnan military academy sixteenth, learning professional gun. At the beginning of 1924, after Shiti to the school’s first graduating, he declined to the school to teach, then rushed to leave the headquarters of Guangzhou Chinese revolution. But he was immediately appointed to the Whampoa  military academy student Corps instructors and third students team fourth team captain. In the Whampoa  military academy, Bi Shiti by revolutionary thought influence, in the summer of 1925 to join the Communist Party of Chinese. During this period, he also participated in several crusade against the warlords, insurgency fighting, repeated construction feats. In November 1925, Albert Shiti was ordered to the famous "Ye Ting independent regiment" became the Third Battalion, after returning to the Whampoa  military academy was promoted to lieutenant colonel instructor. After the failure of the 1927 revolution, Shiti completed by the CPC Central Committee sent to the Soviet Union to study, he will overcome Russian off a very short period of time. 1 years later, he went to the Moscow infantry school. The summer of 1930, after Shiti returned to Shanghai from the Soviet Union, after the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the life, to participate in the formation of the Northeast Anti Japanese armed forces in the work of leadership. 1931 "918" after the incident, after Shiti Deep Rock County of Jilin Province, in the local Xiaogushan presided over the establishment of the Northeast Anti Japanese armed forces in Manchuria, the first branch of the Chinese Communist and anti Japanese Volunteer Army First Army fourth column. In July 1932, after Shiti farewell to the upcoming birth of his wife, rushed to Jiangxi and the Central Soviet area. From the autumn of 1932 to May 1933, in less than 1 years, he served as commander of the first red Shiti Albert, Central Soviet labor and war committee chief of staff (responsible for recruiting and training new recruits), 23 Red Army commander, Guangdong Jiangxi military commander positions. In June 1933, Albert Shiti became the Red Army chief of staff, his superior is the later Republic marshal, with a great reputation as a corps commander and political commissar Nie Rongzhen Lin Biao. In October 1934 the Central Red Army began the Long March, with the Central Military Commission directly under the Bi Shiti cadres together. Since then, he has experienced the tragic battle of Xiangjiang, two grams of Zunyi had 1 days of fighting, forced the army 12.相关的主题文章: