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Joker "Mars" exposes once was called the director Wang Han: coping with new tolerance – Beijing and the Milky Way produced by Youku entertainment, happy cool global media CO produced the first file with a variety of techniques that test national novel network ensemble "Mars" Han intelligence agency in the first quarter of Youku created over 900 million of the amount of play, impressive results many users of these files have "saved" the Milky Way net students expect the second quarter variety. On Friday (November 4th), Mars intelligence 2, the first phase of the online Youku, the program continues its explosive physique. Only 24 hours on the line to refresh the record volume, rose by a quarter of the first quarter of 216%. This Friday launched the second phase of the program, the Mars CIA staged "Busan", "Xue Sansui" Joker is on-site "zombie" 6 step teaching; in the Joker superhero proposal, director Wang has turned into a "father man", actually received a son called "Wang wei". It is worth mentioning that, from the beginning of the second phase, Youku Gold members will reap exclusive benefits, ahead of four hours to grab the latest program. Proposal to deepen the fun of the first second minutes of the first quarter of the volume of up to an increase of up to $216% to upgrade the return of the Mars intelligence agency, did not live up to the friends who wait. This is seen after the first phase of the program, the consensus formed by many users. In the first phase of the program, very funny to the senior agents again to release themselves and set a new record of zero burden idol. New agent Yang Di contributed to his first show of Mars, the program in the face of the plastic folder folder, exaggerated interpretation of the swing dance. "Yang Di is so hard to fight!" Many netizens commented; even the high cold goddess Zhang Li will also be small when the hand with the foot jump Dai dance embarrassment to share with you, in Joker et al. Together, Zhang Li’s hand with the foot dance has become the most tide Mars dance, even the Secretary could not help but praise "square dance aunt who has the new dance!" In a crowded field, bursting point attracted the audience screen before netizens hilarious again and again, deep in the bursting point in the small truth, energy also imperceptibly out of penetration. In Tian Yuan’s proposal, "I found the world’s greatest lethality is the new" in the field of star agents have recalled the experience of being a new person. Joker presents his new period was called the director; Liu Wei was assistant Yang Di because of family relationship play; the delay can not turn positive…… After listening to the experience of the Secretary, the Secretary concluded: "the world should be tolerant of the new couple, give them a step down." Not only that, the egg link, program group invited experts, professional comment for this programme proposal, proposal of longitudinal tensile depth. Take the new proposal, the experts gave an alternative perspective: new people need to pay attention, do not embarrass him in front of the leadership." The advice of conscience is valuable to the rookie. With the bursting point intensive, laugh mark two killer, "Mars 2" CIA playback volume to climb the peak, according to statistics, the first phase of the line 24 hours playback volume compared to the first quarter average playback volume rose 216%. Mars staged the "Busan line" the Joker "zombie" 6 step teaching site before blasting.相关的主题文章: