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Because the neighbors briquette "lying" cold Ji’nan couple of carbon monoxide poisoning, how to get warm and become a big problem, especially for those who are not residents of central heating, if your house is burning briquette, be careful to maintain ventilation, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. But even if you don’t burn coal briquettes, the carbon monoxide sometimes find the door. According to "people’s livelihood train" reported yesterday, 3 a.m., two patient emergency center hospital of Ji’nan. This is a young couple, the woman is pregnant. After examination, the couple has been identified as carbon monoxide poisoning. The man will soon be sent to the hyperbaric oxygen treatment, but the situation is a bit tricky for pregnant women. Because she is 28 weeks pregnant, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may have an impact on the fetus. After consultation with the family, the hospital can only be pregnant women in general oxygen therapy. After treatment, gas poisoning man uneventfully, most people worry about is having a baby girl, now the woman’s family is considering she turned to the more professional maternity hospital for treatment. So this young couple is how to "come back"? Reporters learned that, really is not a small couple of things, people are using air conditioning heating, home gas pipeline has just been detected. Talking about this thing, pregnant mother can not help Tucao up: do not know who is at the stove, this soot will float to the house next door neighbours,, people do not recognize, we do not good evidence! Subsequently, the reporter came to the accident area, where heating pipeline construction. In the area of unit door door, the reporter noted that the community’s neighborhood committee posted a notice, let’s clean up in front of the building floor, the corridor of the honeycomb and debris. In the interview, the reporter also learned that, for security reasons, and now many of the families in the district are heating electricity, because many people have eaten this loss of carbon monoxide poisoning. What they want most is that the heating pipe is well. It was cold, absolutely can not prevent the carbon monoxide poisoning careless. The reporter reminds you, the following two points to keep in mind: the first to maintain the environment of ventilation, second, suddenly feel unwell, to immediately seek medical treatment. Source: Shandong TV相关的主题文章: