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Ji Ning "blind date" turned up smoothly handsome young artists – metrosexual man Ji Ning Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news recently, directed by the famous director Ke Hanchen, Lu Yi, Jiang Xin, Cheng Peipei, Ji Ning, Tanny Tien Niu and other famous actors of the urban comedy "blind date" smooth crank in post tension soon after the completion of the and to meet the audience. At the same time, worked with director Ke Hanchen had many cooperative youth strength actor Ji Ning also once again joined "blind date" to continue to cooperate, the Ji Ning a handsome metrosexual man style turned steady introverted young artists, the audience infinite expectations. It is reported that not long ago in Hunan TV hit drama "saw no love" and "beauty secret", Ji Ning temperament with excellent acting and the sunshine handsome left a deep impression to the audience, loved by the audience, which makes it become the hot Hunan TV broadcast drama in the hottest young actor. The Ji Ning joined the "blind about" changed the city opera style with a handsome metrosexual man, artistic young artists appeared, this with his own literary temperament in early 2013 Ji Ning agree without prior without previous consultation, Mao Dun had appeared in the original adaptation of the movie "corrosion", and get high praise, and in the "blind as about" young artists also make Ji Ning to get a wider space to play, finally Ji Ning will be how to interpret this new role, let the audience and friends is also a little more curiosity and anticipation. At present, Ji Ning as a popular young strength actor, in addition to the highly acclaimed in Hunan TV hit drama, often appeared, which works even on the international stage, and obtained a remarkable achievement. In 2012 by the movie "Ying spring" riparian river was the ninth Santiago International Children’s Film Festival Best Film Music Awards, in 2013 with the "image of love" won the second Asian jinhaitang micro Film Festival "best supporting actor" award in this year’s Nollywood International Film Festival, with its starring Ji Ning the spy film "darksaber" won the "best actor" award, becoming the international young actor. The Lu Yi and Jiang Xin for the first time to cooperate in the blind about the period coincided with the award, but also let the shoot a little more special significance. Ji Ning said that the role played by the shooting so that he has a lot of new breakthroughs and feelings, I hope everyone can enjoy his role.相关的主题文章: