Huasheng Xinhuang artist Guo Feihong Polish film and entertainment Sohu spark kairui

Huasheng Xinhuang artist Guo Feihong: Polish film and entertainment Sohu spark the movie "the next express" today officially held a press conference. At the press conference, Guo Feihong dressed in a simple black dress, beautiful youth, very attractive to the eye. Shooting the film "the next express", will be the first shock of Guo Feihong and the movie, she smiled and said he was looking forward to the new film, and it’s an honor to participate in the film performances, she will try to learn from their predecessors, to show a better myself. This is the first time Guo Feihong electric shock film, but also her once from the singer to actor transformation. The film "Weicheng salvation" is a drama film, tells the story of the love and dignity of man, between two men entanglement story competition. Guo Feihong played in the film is a beautiful girl named Aileen, and her hero Haotian love, in the upcoming wedding occasion, but by the Longhua group less violated. Love Hao Aileen could not bear his innocence body by it, under a huge blow of insanity. This role change obviously, extreme test actor’s acting. Guo Feihong said he would be a little nervous for the first transition, but more full of power. As everyone knows, Guo Feihong is the new generation of China female singer, voice sweet, sweet song called "little witch". Her voice is sweet to make people like eating honey, with sweet youth appearance, in the 2013 The Voice of China arena, won four big names, Wang Feng, Sherry, Na Ying mentor Yang Kun praise, which opened the stage more shining path, become a star in the music arena shine. Now she first appeared on television, will be ready to show a new side of their own. Guo Feihong has been trying to find a better self, digging their own multi-faceted possible. 2015 landing CCTV3 recorded the scene, become "happy" the guest bill touched the scene, and again released the single "watch", the sweet voice once again captured the big ticket fans heart, followed by the first attempt of the "empress" to shoot advertising. Now appeared in the film conference at the scene of her, well behaved, elegant style of conversation, the release of sweet smile, the face of the media is liberal and dignified. In the face of a large number of fans, she is very patient to give them a signature, a sweet smile, very gentle, but also frequently accept fans photo, the most beautiful smile bloom. The young girl’s youth and love deeply infected everyone around. Guo Feihong has repeatedly said she appreciates the opportunity to make the film, and thank the film can give her such a chance. She will seize the time to learn from their predecessors, for the filming of the movie experience, cultivate their acting, strive for all-round development. Sure, she will be in better way to dream.相关的主题文章: