Hu Yanbin king of comedy Twelve women perform Yangjiajiang

Hu Yanbin "king of comedy" was twelve Li Jing and Hu Yanbin Li Jing’s interpretation of Yang and Hu Yanbin played legend Hu Yanbin took off gown, put on a shirt, the interpretation of the good man Yang Zongbao protect our homes and defend our country Sina entertainment news last week in Beijing TV comedy "cross king" program, the new generation of music Godfather Hu Yanbin ran to be diverted to speak of the crosstalk, the original piece once say is praised by the parties, "genius" reputation is mentioned again. This modest Hu Yanbin said that this is everyone’s credit. The 20:30 on Saturday night, Hu Yanbin will be to form "cross-border comedy sketch king", and the twelve women together the legend story. Also, this is Hu Yanbin again after ten years with the Yangs "continued margin" for some of them fighting, also let Hu Yanbin taste a fresh and exciting feeling, said: "then what challenges, I will not let go, I love this feeling of excitement." Write, write dialogues are good at being called "genius" was happy in the first game of cross-border comedy show, the new generation of music Godfather Hu Yanbin partner comic artists Li Jing, the interpretation of some original comic scripts "to change", when you know this piece is Hu Yanbin’s creation, many people have expressed surprise, even comedian Yang Woods said: "Hu Yanbin is a genius." In this regard, Hu Yanbin said: at the beginning and did not want to write a script, and later, and the program group screenwriter teacher communication, chatting chatting to talk about such a creative. The intention is to satirize those who work too tired to switch to old people, this is a manifestation of values. It is quite significant to modern society. But the creation is not entirely me, the idea and subject matter is what I set, there are professional writers in the teacher, they are responsible for writing, in fact, is a common creation. Because of the limited time, want to come up with a decent work in a short period of time, this work need everyone benefit by mutual discussion, spent a lot of thought and effort." Hu Yanbin said that the program is in accordance with the method of creative writing and writing, speaking of this method, he said: "it is a introduction, first you must have a theme, this program is that we should not complain about their work, there should be dealing with in this process, as we write. Verse and chorus, and then to the intermediate, final climax, but also has a beautiful endding. This creation is a bit like music, in "I am a singer" on the adaptation of the scene, the scene of crosstalk is, to finally have a lively endding, let the audience together, so we can finally "PPAP" the plot, this is a step by step frame." When it comes to be called "wets" this matter, Hu Yanbin said modestly: "I was gifted, I would accept it, after all, people say is a good thing, listening to the heart happy." Ten years later legend turned "Hu muneyasu edge" and once again boarded the "pengci grandma play cross-border comedy king" stage, Hu Yanbin took off his gown, put on the shirt, suddenly, interpretation of Goodman Yang Zongbao in order to protect our homes and defend our country, to kill Hu Yanbin and Li Jing went to the battlefield, as she)相关的主题文章: