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How to prevent children from electronic products poisoning electronic information era, the overwhelming majority of electronic products. On the one hand, electronic products bring convenience to our lives, but on the other hand, it makes people more distant from the heart. Between husband and wife one computer Internet, children with iPad or mobile phone to play games, one family oral communication is less and less, which seems to have become the norm of our generation, and more and more young children addicted to online games, such as football and basketball even these old children love outdoor sports, can now find alternatives in network game. So the society appeared a lot of Indoorsman Indoorswoman, sadly, there was a lot of Tong zhai. The mass of this group can not be measured, if they take away the electronic products in their hands, a lot of people will begin to become anxious, feeling nothing, life lost direction do not know what to do. Strictly speaking, our generation, all of the electronic products of the poison, and deeper and deeper. We all became warm boiled frog frog, and electronic products and network into the pot of warm water. I came to the United States a few years the rise of the domestic WeChat, WeChat last year, we know that I did not have to go back to see me as a heterogeneous. So, well, I volunteered to be a frog out of the world, into the warm water. The results in this SPA feel extremely comfortable, so every day to refresh dispatch, became a veritable bow. Even if the red light one or two minutes drive, but also can not help but take a look at the phone. Suddenly aware of electronic products of poison, shiver all over though not cold. Everyone in the drug, if I don’t seem to point with drug addiction, and then in the misfits. However, the terrible thing is that this electronic drug addiction, will be transmitted to the child. We become Indoorsman Indoorswoman, become bow family, we have no time to also have no mood to take the children to the close to nature, so we often gave the child a IPAD said: "there is a football game, very fun, you can see a few goals……" Then, the child quickly stopped crying and quiet down to play the game, parents can also be time to continue to do bow family or keyboard. The children also poisoned, once the drug seizures, went to the dead crying, parents had to once again a trick is electronic products to deal with, and then the vicious spiral. 3 year old children can be very professional use of computers, and even can draw beautiful pictures on the computer, which is not known to lead or lag behind. But the worry, really need to pay attention to their parents. In accordance with the scientific theory of parenting, children every day contact time of electronic products should be controlled in less than half an hour (mainly television), but now the children, daily contact with electronic products in 2 or more hours beyond count. What are the disadvantages of children’s exposure to electronic products? Not also learn something? Many kids operate computers even more than adults. Some parents have such thoughts. However, the fact is that the more children contact with electronic products, the more stupid, creativity will be weakened or lost, and once addictive, it is difficult to correct. Topic: do you buy electronic products for children? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a beautiful gift! Why children playing electronic products will become stupid?"相关的主题文章: