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Hit the net new threshold rose to 60 million yuan hit a new fund to expand the scale of opening – fund channel China fund newspaper reporter Fang Li in the three quarter, A stock market is the most popular word is "new". Because of new revenue hit rate increase in the placing of class C investors under the net increase, as a public fund investors under the net to play the new threshold is repeatedly raised, has been raised to 50 million yuan based on the former increased to 60 million yuan. Shenzhen a new fund to fight the fund manager said that the provisions of the two exchanges in Shanghai new basic threshold is participation in the market value of 10 million yuan, due to more and more people, most involved in playing the new threshold is increased, the recent part of the market value of the threshold, the underwriters for positions in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange stocks reached 30 million yuan, which means that the total total market value of 60 million yuan, can participate in the placement of shares. He said: "since the three quarter, playing the new threshold gradually improved, after only 50% stocks to raise the threshold, then increased to six or seven, more than 75% of the shares have raised the threshold, but also enhance the market value of the standard." Another actively involved in playing the new fund manager also said that recently hit a new threshold is increased, the new threshold is usually played by each IPO lead underwriter to decide now, the majority of firms is the market value of 20 million yuan threshold, high reached 30 million yuan, after the Underwriters play under the net increase the new threshold value may become the norm". It is understood that he has been opening to meet the new threshold, especially the choice of volatility and stock valuation attractive, in addition, in order to smooth the risk strategy more diversified, keep attacking. Another fund manager also said that the new fund is to raise the threshold of There are both advantages and disadvantages.: on the one hand, will find some positions of smaller customers, is expected to improve the success rate; on the other hand, fund positions increased, because the stock may accidentally cause losses, will be hard hit new money lost. Of course, if appropriate, you can get some excess returns. Insiders said that once the configuration of the tens of millions of dollars of stock market fluctuations on the net value of the fund is still very large, therefore, the new play is also proposed to enhance the threshold of fund scale. According to him, this is the strategy of playing the new + solid income category of flexible configuration funds affect a large number, the size of 700 million to 1 billion of the fund is the most appropriate, the highest efficiency. However, from the current point of view, some of the scale of playing the new fund is less than 200 million yuan, if the new threshold hit a new high of $60 million, the bottom of the warehouse position is high, may have a greater impact on net volatility. According to China fund newspaper reporter, currently playing a lot of new types of funds are also trying to expand the scale, in order to reduce the impact of the stock market fluctuations in the bottom of the fund. Recently hit a new high yield and new shares more intensive, according to our estimates, even after the dilution may also achieve annualized rate of return of 5%~6%." Southern China, a fund company sources said.相关的主题文章: