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The history of the "Silk Road" culture – Culture – people.com.cn original title: the history of the "Silk Road" cultural exchange "2016 happy Spring Festival Temple Fair held in the Egyptian capital Cairo. An actor who played monkey king in the temple. Xinhua News Agency reporters Meng Tao and she’s portrait portrait of Xuan Zang Zhang Qian "chisel" West mention "Silk Road", people first thought is Zhang Qian "chisel" West story. In fact, before Zhang Qian, the "Silk Road" in the form of people spontaneously opened, Zhang Qian’s "chisel", is only the first records of official history books and Central Asian exchanges. The emperor ascended the throne, in previous generations of financial accumulation and domestic relatively stable on the basis of trying to change before the compromise strategy, to implement strategies to attack, sending Zhang Qian as envoy to the western regions, which is a part of this grand strategy in. Zhang Qian in 138 BC was ordered to be detained by the Han Dynasty, more than ten years, after looking for a chance to escape, to complete the mission, this mission to the Han Dynasty although not completed joint darouzhi attack Hun, but because he is the first official sent envoys of the western regions, "chisel" West performance obviously. After Zhang Qian and United Wusun, second times to the western regions, the mission also sent to vice Dayuan, Kang Ju, respectively to darouzhi, dahae, rest, when other countries, to strengthen ties with other countries. The two time to Zhang Qian, not only to strengthen the ties with western countries, established ongoing diplomatic relations, but also makes the central business without a break in the Han Dynasty and the way for the national communication, communication, integration and lay the foundation. Zhang Qian’s mission, also lays the foundation for peaceful diplomacy since then, Central Plains and the western regions are closely linked. Zhang Qian to show the tough, brave, patriotic spirit that a national grand strategy, but also a genius and decision makers to achieve together, Zhang Qian and Han Wudi made each other "chisel" West and the eternal fame rare gifts and bold strategy. Xuan Zang westbound there is a question by the college entrance examination in 2016 in history, Xuan Zang is through the westbound and Jianzhen Dongdu story, let the students read materials, refine their arguments, combined with other related historical facts Chinese ancient history, discusses. Which involves the "Silk Road" of prosperity Datang event. At this time, China is leading the world trend, the unique charm of Chinese culture to the world. All kinds of culture, various religions in the "Silk Road" on the intersection, accommodation, Xuanzang westbound, Jianzhen Dongdu come and go, writing is all kinds of culture of mutual learning and mutual learning history. During this period, the "Silk Road" in the world history is a thick and heavy in colours. Xuan Zang was born in the Sui dynasty. He was a monk, to promote Buddhism, but because many factions, each party by the meaning of understanding is different. At that time Changan is an international metropolis, often to the Buddhist monks in India preaching, subtle release speak to Xuan Zang, he decided to find everything fresh and new feeling, the birthplace of Buddhism — India to seek the method. Xuan Zang back to the Vatican clamping 520 bars, 657 Buddhist scriptures from India, as well as the Buddha relics 150 grains. In the 19 years after his return, he translated a total of 75, 133)相关的主题文章: