High power anti serious Dongfeng Fengshen ax5 plateau experience mentalist

High power anti serious Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 have to say about the same plateau experience the first time on the plateau I and Dongfeng Fengshen AX5, whole day experience down, my reaction than its plateau (hereinafter referred to as high as more serious some anti). Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 will launch a new SUV product, the end of August in Dunhuang after the dust road test nonstop rushed to the Lhasa plateau test, and the focus of experience is that high altitude, it is equipped with a 1.4T turbocharged engine, matched with the 5 speed manual transmission with 6 speed wet the dual clutch gearbox, which in these highland areas show how. Why should the road test: in brief, why to carry out road test, the car by tens of thousands of parts, in the listed production before a lot of testing to ensure users of high strength, long time, long mileage. Even imported cars have to be tested so as to adapt to the Chinese climate and to ensure good performance in a variety of environments. For the test is usually a variety of manufacturers will be tested, but the general public does not understand. The plateau experience way: as the new model Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 also belong to the non listed, and on the interior, dynamic performance are confidential, so this experience only involved in the plateau test ride, of course not to drive another reason is that if the non professional personnel once in the plateau when driving high anti phenomenon will affect the safety of driving, so we will ride from the vehicle from 3600 meters to 4700 meters, we usually in very low altitude inland city, usually in the air pressure of 1000 kPa, but at the altitude of 4700 meters down almost, with insufficient oxygen intake, the vehicle will also be affected, so during the we feel the dynamic performance of Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 in this case. The US experience beautiful beautiful rivers and mountains of a country is the highest point in Lhasa yambdrok, we referred to in the habit of. The Tibetan word for "Jasper Lake", Tibet is one of the three great lakes, like coral branch, in the Tibetan language so it is also called "above the coral lake". Located in the southern area of Tibet province Langkazi County, about 70 kilometers southwest of Lhasa, and Nam Co, mapangyongcuo said Tibet three big lakes, north of Himalaya Range is the largest inland lake, a landscape of lakes and mountains beauty, the highest in Zangnan. Fengshen AX5 vehicle performance reviews we have four Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 formation in Panshan road before the trip, less than 4000 meters above sea level where we conducted inquiries on the driver of the vehicle (drive link without the event), the driver said the local power vehicles in this more than 3000 meters of attenuation is not obvious, but because the air density is small, the car the larger, so manual models require frequent shifting let vehicles in a high torque, and for automatic models would need to switch to manual driving mode. With the elevation rising, rose to about 4000 meters altitude I has arrived, and the Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 although there are power attenuation, but rely on gear switch and turbo. Let in the rugged mountain road is still smooth driving vehicle. But in particular, it is.相关的主题文章: